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Do Women Care More About Health Than Men?

Tip of the Iceberg Tuesday

(A little controversy for your day)

What About Those Men?

If your household runs anything like mine, then every time you turn around someone (I won’t name names, but HE is a man, maybe the father of your offspring) sabotages your efforts to promote a healthful lifestyle.  It’s one thing if they want to pollute their own bodies with the likes of Doritos, Bugles, and soda, but back away from the kids; and keep that tempting snack parade out of our sight!

Look, we are trying to stay on the path of good health here…on a daily basis; the least they (nameless sources of frustration in the area of health and wellness) could try to care just a little about the well being of our families.  Don’t get me wrong, they (the men) love us; this just isn’t a topic that lives in their fore-brain longer than a millisecond at a time.  Sorry guys.

What They Need to Know

Men need to know that we care about their health too.  It’s not just that we women have to up each other with scoring big at the latest organic food sale, making the yummiest eggplant, or discovering the fastest way to washboard abs, but it’s the principle that WE have this life to live; we might as well live it in health and look fabulous while doing it – the responsible way.  Not to mention we need to set a good example for our children…BTW, in case Mr. Donut Dad didn’t notice, they see everything; they copy everything.  Period.

You Must Let Your Man Read This

I say get off your @%&es and do something for yourself and your family.  Be fit and healthy, or at least give it a good try…for longer than a week.  You have no idea how jealous we women are of your manly ability to burn fat and build muscle with minimal effort.  You could literally get your biceps back, your pecs off your belly, and shrink the spare tire (yeah, the one that looks like your carrying twins) within a few short weeks or months.

You love to watch us stay in shape (miraculously…or so you think) and be simply lovely in that sexy dress.  Well, we deserve the same eye candy from you.  I personally enjoy seeing firm pecs and a tight rear on a man.  Here’s the other thing:  What if something happens to you because you’ve not taken care of yourself all these years?  What if you leave your family suddenly because your arteries are clogged with Mickey D’s and Dunkin Donuts?  That’s what I thought.  You haven’t thought about that because it’s too morbid and negative.  There are positive reasons to be healthy; dwell on those instead.

The Reality

Men need our help to get started.  They also need to have a good reason to endure such a lifestyle change – just as we do.  It might be your new project; it might be that he will just wise up and go for it (HaHaHa…).  At least make sure that he gets regular check ups and actually tells you what the Doc said.  He may not want to be honest if it’s bad.  Be gentle.  Tell him the things that concern you.  Hopefully, he will get the hint and make better choices for himself and the family. What ever you do, don’t let him do the grocery shopping…at least not alone.

So, to answer the question I posed in the title, yes, I believe women care more about health and wellness than men do.  I could be wrong, but I doubt it.  Tell us how well the man in your life takes care of himself.  Also, please share if your man is the health buff and you tend to be the one who slacks in this area.  Be well-be beautiful…you men too.

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  1. My husband works out regularly and I’m so grateful for that! I think this is an important reminder that our kids watch us…both of us. And, like you said, they copy so much of what they see.

    Raising kids can be such a huge responsibility sometimes, but it can also help us to live our own lives better. And more fit. 🙂

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