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Why Do I Need Enzymes?


“You Are What You Absorb”: Enzymes to the Rescue
By Dr. Ance Lamse


I was stunned when I checked the vitamin and mineral levels of one of my patients who had been taking her high-quality supplements faithfully. She was deficient in many vitamins and minerals!

They say “you are what you eat.” However, not many people pay attention to the digestion and absorption process. “You are what you absorb,” is a more accurate saying. Good digestion of the proper nutrients leads to healing, healthy growth, and energy.

Digestion begins in the mouth, with the enzyme amylase, which digests carbohydrates; we MUST chew our food well. Yet how many of us practically inhale the bagel, or the bread, or the cookie we eat?

Is There a Brewery In My Gut?

There is a theory out there, regarding undigested starches and carbs in people who have an overgrowth of yeast (or Candida). In The Ultramind Solution by Dr. Mark Hyman, he mentions that alcohol is produced in the process of starch fermentation by the yeast, causing “auto-intoxication,” most commonly recognized as “brain fog.” This is not the only cause of brain fog, however.

At any rate, faulty digestion leads to nutrients that are not broken up (digested) properly. Think about nutrients as a necklace of pearls; every pearl must be separated from the string, in order to be used properly by the body. If two or three or more pearls are connected, and the gut is not healthy, that small “trio” of pearls enters the bloodstream and elicits an immune response.

You may have heard about “leaky gut.” Well, in an individual with leaky gut, these connected pearls cause the immune system to be alerted, leading to antibody formation. Ultimately, if the immune system works overtime, the risk of developing autoimmune disease (such as lupus, psoriasis, and rheumatoid arthritis) increases. How about getting those pearls separated one by one, in order to calm down the immune system AND in order to make use of the wonderful nutrients we choose to put in our mouths?

My Personal Experience with Digestive Enzymes

After a GI infection January of 2008 left me with a ton of food allergies, I was at a loss about what to do: my energy level was not commensurate with the good food that I was eating. Plus, I would feel fatigued right after I ate my meals, and I was ALWAYS hungry.

With the help of digestive enzymes now, I am able to extract the nutrition and energy out of my meals; I noticed results 1-2 days after I started taking the enzymes.  My mind is more clear; I have more energy; and my cravings are GONE!  I have not desired chocolate in weeks! There is such a peace when the stomach is satisfied!

What Do Enzymes Do?

Digestive enzymes are used with food. Systemic enzymes are used between meals, in order to “clean up the immune complexes and other junk floating around in the body.” Be aware, however, that these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. I have extracted this knowledge from various authorities on enzymes and about ten books, including Dr. Edward Howell’s, who is considered one of the fathers of enzyme therapy.

What else do enzymes do, other than help with autoimmune conditions (in conjunction with other treatments)? Apparently, in Europe they use enzymes for the Olympic athletes (injuries heal sooner). I can attest to the wound healing power of enzymes, as I watched my hangnail’s healing time decrease to 1/7th its normal rate. Bruises resorb much faster (again, personal testimony). There are also clinics specialized in cancer treatment that have used enzymes.

No Wonder I’m Always Tired

I read somewhere that the body may use up to 80% of its energy in digestion. (Don’t ask me how they came up with that). However, it makes sense that if the body is occupied with triaging and sorting the good from the bad, it may not have as much energy to use for healing purposes and for energy.

Do you have much energy after the Thanksgiving dinner celebration?  It makes sense that lifting some of that burden off the body would help it fight other battles, such as destroying viruses and bacteria. Whenever I feel like I’m coming down with a cold, I eat lightly and use digestive and systemic enzymes. Helping with digestion and taking some of those immune complexes out of circulation also lifts a burden off the liver, since that’s one of the organs that detoxifys the blood.

Studies have shown that older and/or sick people have fewer enzymes in their urine. Enzymes may then conceivably be employed for graceful aging.

I am fascinated with the power of enzymes; I think that we (in the medical field) are only scratching the surface when it comes to enzymology in health and nutrition.

Caution: Consult Your Health Care Provider

If you want to start taking enzymes for wellness or treatment purposes, make sure that you consult with a knowledgeable health care provider.  People who have bleeding problems, liver or kidney problems, those breastfeeding or pregnant, or are on long acting medications (XL or SR) are not the right candidates for enzyme therapy. You may want to get your enzymes from raw and fermented foods, if your health care provider approves.

For those who can safely take enzymes, I recommend that you buy your enzymes from companies that specialize in making enzymes, to ensure proper quality. I recommend that you start out with the book, Enzyme Therapy Basics, by Dr. Friedrich W. Dittmar, MD & Jutta Wellmann
.  If you have any questions, please let us know.

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  1. Dr. Lamse, this is a fantastic article. Thank you for your words to educate us about Enzyme Therapy.

    I also practice enzyme therapy and would be happy to meet with you to discuss your findings and work together to get help our severely nutrient deficient society (not by their own fault but by the ever increasing plethora of ingesting processed foods) feel better from the inside out.

    Another great resource is The Enzyme Cure by Dr. Lita Lee. Its an easy read.

    My own personal story is I was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor. My hormones were going CRAZY because of all the stress in my life burning out my adrenal glands. Stress is still there but, with enzyme therapy I handle it better because I am absorbing the nutrients I am eating.

    Once again thank you.

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