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Mind and Body Heath from Inspiration and Beauty

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Today, we have the honor of hearing from our own Dr. Lamse on the topic of inspiration for health.  Her wisdom and insights will take you to the next level of overall wellness, beauty, and self-discovery.  I find her to be one of the most caring and brilliant physicians that I’ve ever met.  Please leave her any thoughts or questions you may have in the comments.  Be well-be beautiful.

Mind and Body Health from Inspiration and Beauty

By Dr. Anca Lamse (The M.D. who thinks outside the box)

The most convenient, no-excuse type of exercise machine is the stationary bike.  Treadmills are OK, too, but some people have too much pain to walk.  The important thing is to find what works for your lifestyle and your body.

My creativity soars while I’m on my stationary bike.  I put on music: a mixture of Latin, Middle-Eastern, and/or Greek music, and start dreaming.  The repetitive movements are soothing and conducive to daydreaming.  I imagine myself dancing, and the color of my dress depends on my mood.  If I need energy, I think of orange; if I need to be grounded, I think of green or chocolaty brown.  Nothing is off-limits.

Visual Exercising

Studies have shown that athletes who could not exercise would not lose muscle mass if they periodically imagined themselves running.  I extrapolate that to mean that my dancing skills will improve if I visualize myself dancing, while on the bike.  Of course, some people would prefer to practice their golf swing.  It’s all good.

While biking, I realized how important inspiration is.  I draw inspiration from my amazing husband and patients; from wise people around me, and most of all, from God.  We wither if we don’t have any inspiration.  Therefore, I would urge people to stay in touch with whomever inspires them the most: whether it’s Dr. Oz, Oprah, Dr. Weil, Joyce Meyer, etc.  Keep going back to your source of inspiration.  Regularly.  A lot of that advice is free, and it can change your life.

Beauty In-Beauty Out

The other “must” is beauty.  If you’ve ever been to Europe, you may have noticed that you forget about yourself and about food because of the beautiful things around you.  Therefore, whether it’s painting, nature, photography, or gardening, PLEASE connect with that beauty on a regular basis.

All these ideas come to me while I exercise on the bike.  I have pen and paper close-by so I can capture these thoughts.

There was a time when I could not exercise.  In February of 2008 I acquired a virus that affected my skeletal muscles (couldn’t walk) and heart muscle (heart enzymes 10 times the normal value).  For a long time, I had trouble walking, let alone exercising.  I have been building myself from the inside out with prayer, good food, good relationships, and supplements, as well as rest when necessary, being careful not to overwork myself.

Putting It All Together

I now value every moment that I can exercise.  IT IS A PRIVILEGE, and oh, so detoxifying.  It helps with lymphatic drainage:  it massages internal organs, as the belly moves in and out with the increased effort, squeezing out toxins like you would squeeze dirty water out of a sponge.  Most of those toxins come from normal metabolism, and are UNAVOIDABLE, even for those living in pristine environments and eating all organic food.

Blood and lymph MUST circulate; they also carry those expensive supplements all over your body, making good use of them.  I urge everyone to exercise while they are able.  It is an amazing privilege, one not to be taken lightly.

Photo one by Crazybx; photo two by Elfgirlunltd
For more information about Dr. Lamse and the services she provides, contact: The Lamse Wellness Clinic, LLC

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  1. I love the idea of visualizing while on the bike. It beats zoning out on the TV.

    Being around beautiful things is also a terrific way to keep positive and thankful for our lives and our world.

    Thanks for sharing, Dr. Anca!

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