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Should I Get Back With My Ex?: 4 Questions To Ask Yourself

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You did it – you finally broke up with your partner. But, wait a minute, you’re having second thoughts. Oh my god, what if you made a mistake? What if he or she was “The One” after all? Yep, this is how many women feel when they finally sever the cord, especially if it was a long relationship.You have the choice to stubbornly soldier on with the breakup plan or turn around and patch things up. But, sometimes, breaking up isn’t a mistake. The problem is it’s hard to tell when you’ve made a good decision or a bad one. Luckily, there are some simple questions that may help you answer the big one: should I get back with my ex?

Should I Get Back With My Ex Question #1: Is It for the Right Reasons?

Seeing your ex in a new relationship can bring back feelings that you thought didn’t exist anymore. However, they may not be legitimate love emotions. Sadly, almost everyone with a heart yearns for their ex when they see another person on their arm. It isn’t that you want them back – it’s that you don’t want to be alone. They are moving on and maybe you haven’t yet. Take it from someone who knows: don’t let jealousy and your ego get in the way of your future.

Should I Get Back With My Ex Question #2: Did You Make A Rash Decision In An Emotional Moment?

Sorry to burst your bubble, but your mind plays tricks when you’re upset and confused. This affects your decision-making process. And, if you get trapped in your own head, it is very hard to get back out again. All this makes you think about things that were never an issue, yet seem majorly important now. Maybe your partner isn’t career driven enough, or maybe never got along with your friends. At the end of the day, these aren’t good enough reasons to dump the love of your life. If you did make a bad decision, regroup and get some valuable information from sites like HookupFAQ.com

It’s a good chance that you both may be feeling a little bruised and confused. Give it a little time and try to talk things out. Maybe you will both come to the conclusion that the breakup was premature.

Should I Get Back With My Ex Question #3: Have You Given It Enough Time?

Time heals all wounds, or at least that’s what the good people at www.psychologytoday.com believe. In the beginning, your emotions will get the better of you. They will make it seem as if you are going to die alone and never meet anyone else. Obviously, this doesn’t have to be true, but it’s hard to see anything when you’re in a depressive hole. By giving it a little time, you’ll know whether your emotions are real or just a bruised ego. True love isn’t easily broken, especially if both parties experience it. Also consider that you may simply need some time apart to think things through.

Should I Get Back With My Ex Question #4: Is Your Ex Available?

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter to your heart whether he or she is available or not. This is a time to truly think about who you are as a woman and human being. If it’s not in your character to break people up, just don’t do it. If you do something horrible, you will have to live with yourself and the potential blow back. Breaking up another couple’s relationship for your own gain is selfish and could do more harm to you and your ex. Truthfully, if your ex moved on that fast, you likely lost the relationship a long time ago. You deserve to be wanted and needed…and faithfully loved by whomever you’re with. 


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