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5 Ways To Market Your Beauty Business Effectively

Whether you run a hair salon, nail bar or sell beauty products, marketing your business properly is imperative for success. Though you get referrals and walk-in traffic for service-oriented shops, you still need to do some savvy marketing. After all, existing and potential customers and clients will want to know about sales, promotions, and events. Check out the following 5 ways to market your beauty business.

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Market Your Beauty Business #1: Start a Blog

There are many compelling reasons to start a blog that directly correlate to your business. First, it presents you as an expert in your field, setting you apart from other beauty companies. Interesting posts about hair and beauty techniques, the latest trends, and recent makeovers will inform and excite your readers. Furthermore, this is a great way to boost your search engine ranking and bring more traffic to your website. Carefully incorporate researched keywords, and you will climb the Google result pages.

Market Your Beauty Business #2: Invest in Quality Software

Beauty and hair salon software will transform your business. It enables you to keep all of your data in one place, track current campaigns, look for trends, and manage your marketing. After all, you won’t improve client retention strategies and new customer campaigns without this information. Streamlining this part of your business will also free you up to do other things.

Market Your Beauty Business #3: Market on Social Media

Social media is so important for businesses today, especially in industries that deal with image and beauty. While Facebook and Twitter are popular platforms, for a beauty firm, photo-based social media networks, such as Instagram, are a must. This is the best way to show off your style, expertise, and actual work. It’s important to keep your customers engaged with interesting industry-related posts, social media contests, and exceptional customer service. This is a great place to answer questions and build trust with your followers. For more tips on social media marketing, click here.

Market Your Beauty Business #4: Partner with Local Businesses

Another way to drum up interest in your beauty business is to team up with other local businesses. Look for ones that are related to yours without being direct competition. For example, you may want to partner up with a wedding planning company to provide bridal hair and beauty for their clients. You can share social media content for each other, offer guest blog posts, and generally help one another out during events and promotions.

Market Your Beauty Business #5: Email Marketing

Email marketing is an exceptionally powerful tool if it is used effectively. Think about when you receive a promotional email: what is the difference between you opening the mail or putting it in the trash? Often, the words ‘special offer’ or ‘sale’ can be the difference. By offering subscribers special deals, you increase the chance of them clicking through to your website and booking or buying.

Follow your instincts when it comes to marketing to your unique client base. It will also help to keep track of how successful your campaigns are. You don’t want to waste money on things that don’t bring a return.

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