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Getting And Staying Fit On The Job

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We all know that we should be doing what we can to stay fit and healthy. Unfortunately, just knowing it doesn’t always get the job done. The problem is that most people are struggling with finding the time to be active, regardless of what their current fitness level is.  With 40+ hour work weeks, kids, homes to clean, and other activities to engage in, we need some creative ideas for keeping our muscles toned and our hearts healthy.  All of us, whether we are bosses, workers, or own our own businesses need to pay attention to the state of our health. And, if we can do that while we are working, think about how much better it is for our mental state, too

There are, in fact, a lot of different ways to get fit. How you go about it for yourself depends on a number of factors. Your choices may be affected by your job, underlying health conditions, or by your lifestyle. I am one to think outside the box when it comes to time management and how to stay in control of my fitness and health. Here are some of my best tips to help you get moving on the job.

Getting Fit If You Work Outdoors

construction-659898_640You need a certain number of calories to maintain your weight as it is, a certain number to reduce it. You burn through a lot of calories just by being awake, let alone doing a job that requires you to be active for hours.

Your calorie level to maintain your current weight depends on your height, weight and body type. It also depends on what you do during the day. If you have an active lifestyle, what are those activities? How many calories do you burn off just by doing them? If you want to lose weight, you’ll need to make sure the calorie total you eat is less than the calories you burn in the course of a day. Take advantage of being outdoors by picking up your pace if walking or doing activities with more intention. Also, make sure to eat regularly and stay hydrated. Your metabolism will stay high if you give it quality nourishment during your day. This doesn’t mean hitting up every drive-thru and taco stand in your vicinity. Bring your snacks with you!

Getting Fit If  You Work in a Call Center

agent-18741_640One reason that obesity rates are on the rise these days is that so many of the jobs available in our economy are sedentary. Sitting for 8 to 10 hours a day doesn’t help to burn extra calories. You need to eat because you can’t concentrate when you’re hungry.  It’s also important to get the right nutrients. The best solution for this is to create an eating plan. Write out what you want to consume during your week and stick to it as much as you can. Take your meals and snacks with you to avoid raiding the vending machines or hitting the drive-thru.

Just because you are sitting doesn’t mean you can’t engage your muscles. I love to do isometric exercises with my legs and arms while at my desk. Also, you can get out of the building for a nice walk during good weather. These small activities will really set you up for greater fitness and health.

Getting Fit If You Work from Home

girl-1246238_640There are many reasons you would work from home. You might own your own business or just work for a company that allows workplace diversity. Stay-at-home parents are included in this category also. 

One advantage to working from home is that there is no commute. Therefore, you can use that time for other things. Spending an hour on a spinner bike can burn off as many as a thousand calories.  I love having the ability to just get up and take a walk outside or on my treadmill. Though, this doesn’t always happen. I have to set an intention to work out. The key to getting that extra exercise in is to schedule it. Pretend that you have an appointment with yourself and keep it!

Getting Fit If You’re a Student

anishia-davis-876169_640Going to college is often seen as a chance to let loose a little.  For many, it’s the first time leaving the watchful gaze of their parents. This can lead to a decidedly unhealthy lifestyle. In the interest of living the adventure, they may drink more and only eat when it’s convenient. Often, that means grabbing what is nearest.

It may seem like fun and games to indulge in rich food and drink, but it could also be a reason that the drop out rate in the first semester is high. Without proper nutrition, it is much more difficult to deal with stress and the demands of a rigorous academic schedule. On top of that, many students have to work to support themselves. This is a recipe for fitness and health disaster.

The use of energy drinks to get through classes and seminars is a common thing. Instead, try to create a balance of fun and your academic time. Maybe set a boundary of only partying and eating bad foods on certain days of the week. Also, having regular workouts will keep you energized and your mind clear.

***Make sure to consult your healthcare provider before starting any new fitness plan.

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