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Graston Technique: Soft Tissue Rescue

You Have to Try This

I wanted to tell you about a therapy that most don’t know even exists.  It’s called the Graston Technique ®.  It is a manual process that uses a unique set of stainless steel or ceramic instruments “designed to break up scar tissue buildup in body areas such as the shoulder or wrist, which are often associated with acute or chronic soft tissue injuries. Soft tissues include skin, muscle, nervous (neurological), and connective tissues.”

“Examples of soft tissue injuries include strains, sprains, subluxations (partial dislocation of joints), carpal tunnel syndrome, and repetitive stress injury. Treatment using the Graston Technique® involves sliding a stainless steel instrument designed for a particular body part over the surface of the skin in a back and forth motion. Generally, advocates suggest several Graston Technique® sessions for treatment of soft tissue injuries,” according to Wellness.com.

My Daughter’s Injury

I was fortunate enough to experience this amazing treatment first hand through my chiripractor, Dr. Michael Tuckey.  When he first recommended it for my daughter after a car accident, I was sceptical but open as she was in a lot of pain after being rear-ended by an overzealous teen driver.  Her treament was extensive because of the amount of soft tissue damage; in the end she and I were pleasantly surprised by the results.

Personal Experience

I actually had Dr. Tuckey use the technique on my own neck and trapezoid muscles that carry the brunt of stress and mommy-tension.  I experienced an immediate release of tight muscles and new range of motion.  The only negative thing I could have done without was the awful bruising the treatment caused.  Don’t worry though, it’s normal and goes away in a couple of days.  The red, splotchy marks (they look like hickeys) are from your body reacting to the stimuli by releasing toxins and breaking up scar tissue.  It shows that it’s working.

The Other Daughter

We had another opportunity to let Dr. Tuckey go at with his state-of-the-art ceramic tools.  When my teenage daughter sustained a bad shoulder injury from volleyball, he recommended that she undergo some Graston along with chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy.  She too was able to recover faster from her injury because of the Graston Technique ®.

Benefits of Graston

•Decreases overall time of treatment
•Fosters faster rehabilitation/recovery
•Reduces need for anti-inflammatory medication
•Resolves chronic conditions thought to be permanent (this is HUGE!)
•Patient continues to engage in everyday activities

I highly recommend that you at least get more information about Graston, especially if you have ongoing soft tissue pain from Fibromyalgia or an injury that left you with scar tissue.  If you are in the Indianapolis, Indiana area, contact Dr. Michael Tuckey via his golf fitness website or at Linwood Chiropractic (317) 351-0345 for an appointment.  Be well.

Resources: Graston Technique ® and Wellness.com

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  1. You’re right’ I’ve never heard of this. Interesting! Thanks for the info and I’m so glad it worked for you and your daughters.

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