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Pain In the Neck

Most women, at some time in their lives, experience neck pain.  Though there are many causes for the pain that can sometimes be debilitating, the most common ongoing culprits are poor posture and positioning of the head while doing tasks like computer work and reading.  Trust me; I know.  I have suffered from chronic neck problems since my early adulthood.  And, yes, as I have stated in other posts, I had horrible posture as a child and teen.

Another Contributor: Stress

All we have to do is take a look at the lifestyle of women to understand how neck pain can weisel its way into our lives.  Ooh…here’s that word again, STRESS!  You know we can’t get away from it; it’s like a maniacal bandit  just waiting to pounce when the time is right.  If you’re like me, you carry stress in your neck and shoulders.  By the end of a rough day, you can literally feel like cutting off the upper half of your body.

This kind of pain is primarily muscle tension but can lead to other cervical problems if it persists for a long period.  Muscles actually return to a position and tension if they have been trained to…purposely or not.  Though this phenomena is great for athletes and musicians…not so much for those just trying to make it through their day without pain.

Other Side Effects of Neck Pain

As if the ache, the stabbing, and the stiffness wasn’t enough; let’s add numbness and tingling, headaches, and a couple of pinched nerves.  Yes, these can all be associated with some types of neck issues.  Though most of these things can be attributed to a plain old neck ache, you should let a chiropractor or other medical practitioner evaluate your condition if the symptoms are severe or don’t go away.

Chronic Pain: An Ugly Problem

Well, here I go connecting your health with your beauty again – someone has to do it.  I know something about chronic pain; and I know how badly it can affect your looks.  I’m still trying to reduce the forehead wrinkles and frown lines – without Botox, I might add – from years of neck, shoulder, and head pain.  Our bodies can’t help but react negatively to outside influences that cause pain and malfunctions.  It is its way of telling us that something is wrong and need to make a change.  So pay attention!

What Can Be Done?

Hopefully, you know your body well enough to determine how severe your neck pain is and whether you need to see a doctor.  But, just in case you don’t, you better make an appointment with a chiropractor or osteopath as soon as you can.  If you are in the knowing group, and have determined no outside help is necessary, you can try the following remedies.


Remember, your neck is a sacred, fragile part of your body as it holds up your head, connects your brain stem to your spine, and contains the most mobile joints in  your body, according to Dr. Michael Tuckey, D.C. of Linwood Chiropractic in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Therefore, any stretching that you do can be as harmful as it can be helpful if you don’t use care.

You should always approach stretching with gentleness, especially when it comes to your neck and spine.  Because this is so important, I am sending you to a video demo of how to properly perform neck stretches.

Topical Treatments That Work

Though not an all-natural product, one of the best topical treatments that I have used is Tiger Balm’s newbie, Neck & Shoulder Rub.  I have had stellar results for shoulder tension and the tight muscles in my neck.  You just rub it on, and within seconds you feel a tingly sensation that is cool and warm at the same time.  I spend hours on the computer as a writer so the instant relief that this non-greasy product provides is invaluable.  The only negative proponent of the creme is that it does contain Propylparaben and Propylene Glycol; however, that is something each of you have to weigh against the positive benefits.

Another home remedy you can try is soaking in a tub of Epsom Salts.  It’s easy and can be extremely comforting for tired aching muscles.  Not only that, a 20-minute soak can also help you eliminatetoxins that exacerbate your pain and discomfort.

You can also use an ice pack for neck strain or overuse.  Apply for 10-minutes every half hour for the first two hours and as needed after that.  For a stiff neck that you “just wake up with”, try moist heat.  Standing in a hot shower for 10-minutes or applying a heated, damp towel should give you some relief.

These tips are just an overview of the possible causes and remedies for neck pain, so, by all means, add your comments to expand upon the topic.  Remember to treat your neck with respect, and give it the attention it deserves.  See a doctor if you need to.  Be well.


To enter to win a tube of Tiger Balm- Neck and Shoulder Rub, leave a comment about your neck issues, a remedy, or recommendations to alleviate neck pain.  Another way to receive entry is to recommend Women’s Life Link to your friends and family.  Just drop me an email and tell me how you promoted us.

*** Statements made in this post are not to replace the professional advice of a health care provider but are meant to be informational only.  Women’s Life Link, authors, associates, commentators, or linked sites do not claim that any posted information will lead to a cure or improvement of any disease or condition. 

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  1. That sounds like a winner to me! You will have to demonstrate that technique on video so we can post it.

  2. I know about neck pain! It can be very annoying. I have found that stretching is helpful but sometimes the muscle needs to be released first, especially if it has a knot in it. For example, think of a rubber band with a knot it in. If you stretch it more the knot gets tighter, but if you push each end into the knot, it gets looser, I have found that releasing the muscle by pushing gently into the problem spot and then stretching it to be most helpful.

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