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How to Lose Weight with Kangen Water

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Weight loss plans often include reducing calorie intake, implementing exercise programs and even taking supplements to spring board you to losing unwanted fat; however, there is another important facet to obtaining a healthy body weight. Drinking the right kind of water is a key factor to achieve optimal health and body weight. The highly ionized water product known as Kangen™ “restores your body to a more alkaline state, which optimizes health,” as well as “helps to enhance the process of acid elimination, which causes many to automatically experience weight loss,” according to the Enagic Corporation, manufacturers of the Kangen™ water system.

Kangen water is made by the in home enagic unit that can be purchased through an official Kangen™ Representative. There are several products ranging in price from around $1200 to $4500.  And though that sounds like a large amount to pay for a water system, the company claims its value far outweighs any cost, considering the health and beauty benefits it brings the whole family. Additionally, the company offers payment plans for which you can apply.


Many of the distributors will also give you water from their systems to trial until you can purchase one. I’m grateful for the supply of Kangen™ water that  my good friend Janet Keller has given me for several months now.  She is a Molecular Hydration Specialist and can give you information on the Enagic products and the water (see the references below for a link to her site).  I plan to purchase my own unit when the budget allows.


The Weight Loss Plan


Step 1


Read the manufacturer’s instructions for installing the Enagic water system to your kitchen water source. Install as directed to your cold water supply. Push the “Kangen™” button to prepare drinking water at the optimal Ph. level of 8.5 or above, as recommended by Japanese scientists at Shiga University.


Step 2


Weigh yourself and record the number in the journal for a starting point reference. Drink one glass upon rising the first day you begin with the Kangen™ water. Hydrate your digestive system by drinking one glass 30 to 40 minutes before your midday meal. Consume one glass between lunch and one between lunch and dinner.


Step 3


Drink one glass 30 to 40 minutes before your evening meal. Write down your meal and water times for the day, as well as record how you feel physically.


Step 4


Read your journal entries the following day and try to stick to this schedule for the duration of your weight loss program. Keep your consumption of all food drinks consistent, especially your servings of Kangen™ water.


Tips and Warnings


“Consume half of your body weight in ounces of Kangen™ water daily,” suggests Molecular Hydration Specialist, Janet Keller. If you feel bloated or sluggish, cut down your intake by one to two glasses. Drink all water on an empty stomach for best results. Adhering to a low fat diet and doable fitness plan will increase your chances to lose weight with Kangen™ water. Do not use Kangen™ water to take medication, as it may cause some pill types to enter the bloodstream too quickly. Always consult your health care provider before changing your diet, fitness routine or supplement consumption.


Be Beautiful-Be Creative-Be Happy!


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  1. Antoinette Landry

    Hello I would like to try kangen water can you tell me were to get some..

  2. Hi Kellie,
    People would say anything to destroy Kangen even if what they are saying does not make any sense at all and their fabricated lies even only shows their ignorance of what Kangen water is…. And why would u wait for a very long time before u quit using it if it made u sick for all those times…right? Why can’t people market their product without destroying others… Results will show that s why we give Kangen water because it can speak for itself when people start using it….

  3. I’m 39 years of age i have cyst in my ovaries and also the doctor dected a fribro in me can i still drink the kangen water

    • Hi,

      My experience with Kangen water has been great. It has been a help to many people who have physical conditions. Because proper hydration is so important to the body for healing, it would likely be a benefit to you. I’m not a doctor, so I can’t say what you should and shouldn’t do concerning your condition. For more information, you could contact Janet Keller, who is a Kangen distributor. Her contact info is at the bottom of the article, as well as a fact sheet about the water.

      • Drinking water does amazing tgnihs for you in seeking to lose weight naturally. After all, there are whole books written on the subject, such as You’re Not Sick, You’re Thirsty . But a few of the benefits include:1) By drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning you rehydrate your body and ignite your metabolism to start the day off right.2) The reason you should drink 16 oz of water before every meal is because you eat up to 15% less calories when you do! 3) Drinking water throughout the day means that you are less likely to snack between meals.4) You don’t necessarily have to drink it. If your diet is primarily made up of water-based foods, you receive water when you are eating. These foods, typically fruits and vegetables, and nutrient-dense yet calorie-poor. So you can get the proper water intake daily by eating the right foods as well as drinking water.Just a few points I wanted to put out there about water.Tony Rovereb4s last [type] ..

  4. Jordan, you should have never been started on that high of a ph and that is why you were and are still having issues. You body is highly acidic and you should have been advised to drink a much lower lever until your body adjusted to it…then move to a higher number. You should have been on 8.5 or lower to be honest. My neighbor has been drinking half 8.5 and the natural water from the machine and she has since stopped having to take her fibro meds and other prescribed meds and is doing amazingly well.

  5. I drank Kangen water for 4 months and have been horribly sick ever since! I suffer from autoimmune disease and drinking the water @ 9.0-9.5 pH levels has caused gastro, kidney, skin and gum problems. It’s been many months since it made me sick and I’m not getting better! I say that the human body is not like a car engine, but every body is different and complicated and people should proceed with caution if they have health problems.

    • Hi Jordan,

      I agree with you totally that “everybody is different and complicated and people should proceed with caution if they have health problems.” I’m sorry you experienced a problem with Kangen water. Regardless of your health issues, and possible side-effects from the alkaline water, I hope you are drinking enough water in general. Thanks for your honest opinion.

      Be well,


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