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Am I Selfish?


There is one problem with this question…that is if you actually are selfish.  Most people who are self-centered won’t even entertain the thought that they have “it’s all about me” syndrome, at least until they have a revelation.  The other thing is selfishness is some what subjective, meaning it means different things to different people.  So, in addition to the introspective question that you should ask yourself, you might want to ask a trusted friend or family member to analyze your behavior as well.

Everyone Is Selfish…To a Point

Here’s a thought…even if you are generally giving and think of others often, it’s likely that you have selfish tendencies, at least.  We’re human.  It isn’t always possible to put everyone else first.  After all, we have to take care of ourselves.  It’s when you never put others first that can become a problem.  It’s also a matter of setting the appropriate priorities.

Get a Clue

Here are some things that you may do that are clues to chronic selfishness…trust me, I know; I’ve done them.

1.  Feeling that “your needs” are always more important than everyone else’s.

2.  You are unable to understand the opposing view points of others.  You know those debates that you refuse to lose.

3.  Being right is more important than the relationship.

4.  You often feel that everyone is against you and your goals.

5.  You avoid conflict that you don’t feel confident about.

6.  Blaming others for your problems is frequent.

7.  You often get defensive.

8.  Pride is your best friend.

9.  You are your best friend.

10.  You’re friends and family have started avoiding you.

Most of these are pretty extreme examples, so keep in mind that there are many lesser instances where selfishness may be an issue.  Just asking yourself this question should get you thinking about your behavior and where you might make some changes.  I have started a full self-evaluation in this area as I have had some relationship problems as of late.  Don’t be afraid of yourself and any negative attributes you might have; face them…head on.  It’s the only way to change – for real.  Love to all.  Be well-be beautiful.

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