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90 Day Health Challenge: Week 9

Product Talk

Today I want to talk to you about products – the ones that help us reach our health potential.  Recently, I have been getting into organic personal care products and some natural therapies, especially in the aromatherapy category.  To some the thought of getting healthy because of some scent is preposterous at best.  Well, I can’t tell you what to believe, but I can give testimony to the benefits that I’ve received from the earth’s products.

Because being healthy requires a partnership of many different components, finding just the right balance can be tricky.  What works for one may not work for another.  With aromatherapy essential oils and teas, you even have to consider possible allergies and sensitivities.  In my case, I haven’t had any of these – yet.

I’ve just started using a whole “migraine headache rescue kit” sent to me by my friend at Joyful Girl Naturals.  I haven’t used all the goodies yet but the calming lavender, ylang ylang, and patchouli are enough to ease my tension with just  a quick whiff.

Toxic Relief

Another thing that I’ve been doing is taking Epsom Salt baths to ease muscle soreness and to rid my body of toxins.  This is something that you can do regularly for yourself that is inexpensive and makes a difference  in how you feel, especially after a tough workout.

In switching over to all-natural personal care products, I have felt less stress on my skin and body.  My face seems to be glowing brighter and I don’t have to worry about any long-term affects of toxic ingredients.  Just thinking about that stuff makes me crazy!  If I get poisoned by some unknown source that’s one thing, but if I do it to myself – not acceptable.

The next project will be replacing all of my cleaning products with natural ones.  Does anyone have any recommendations?  I could use some advice in this area.  I want them to be effective as well as safe.  Tell us what products you use to help your health.  Until next week, be well-be beautiful.

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