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Do You Have Regrets?

Just as there are many levels of joy and life-fulfillment, there are varying degrees of regret that a woman might feel about her choices.  Mistakes are inevitable but also very human.  The question is not whether you will screw up from time-to-time, it is whether you will choose to dwell on the blunders and beat yourself up about them…regrets.  This tragic state of mind is really the opposite of positive visualization.  It not only takes you back to the problem, but it keeps you from realizing that there might be some other force of Divine intervention at work – a positive reason for the detour.

Has This Happened To You?

Your cruising along on the highway; suddenly, you realize that you left your laptop on the kitchen table. “You, dumb ass!” slips from your lips and you veer off at the next exit to retrieve the Power Point presentation that would surely land you favor (even a promotion) at work.  Noticing the clock, you are sent into a tailspin knowing that you will then be late for the meeting – a level one regret that likely will put you in a funk for the rest of the day (maybe week) depending on how nice your boss is.

However, when you finally do get back on the highway, this time with your computer, you discover there is a major accident just a mile ahead of where you had exited earlier.  The cars are mangled; lives are lost.  It happened less than an hour before – about the time you would have been there had you not gotten off to return home.  Hmmm…could you have been saved from the accident because you forgot your stupid laptop?  Yes.  Spiritual intervention can come in many ways.

A Deeper Regret 

The more serious type of regret is the kind that lasts much longer than the level one example above.  It is the type that eats away at your core for a lifetime if you let it.  This is the emotional equivalent of not letting a wound heal by reopening it daily.  Do you know what I’m talking about?  Is there something that you can’t let go of?  A mistake that won’t stop haunting you?  This is likely something that hurt someone else deeply.  That is where the regret comes in.  Sometimes when we damage a relationship it is not repairable.  We lose.  Regret sets in.

Move On From It

Hey, if you can repair it; do it.  If you can’t, you need to find a way to move on.  It is what it is, as I always say.  Instead, learn from your behavior(and their’s) and make it a life-lesson for the future.  Start a blog or something.  Someone out there might need to hear what you have to say.  Life is such a precious gift and not a thing that should be wasted with regrets and negative thinking.  We are a woman of strength and dignity; we are beautiful even when we make mistakes.  Do you have regrets?  Do tell!  Be well-be beautiful.

“When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.”

˜Alexander Graham Bell

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  1. Yes, being accountable to a boss is one of life’s worst stresses. I’m happy to work for myself from home.

    And keeping a positive outlook makes all the difference in the world.

  2. Very little worries me. I don’t work now so I don’t have the everyday stresses of “did I do that wrong>?” “Why is the boss looking at me like that?” “I’m such a screw-up!”

    I have two beautiful granddaughters who help keep me in an upbeat state of mind.

    I empathize with those who still have to deal with daily stresses.

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