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Invitation For Change

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This month has been interesting for my family as we’re coming up on some major life shifts.  The company for which my husband had worked for 7 years closed recently.  Though he has not gone a day without a job due to the favor he’s received over the past few months from the company who purchased the building and land, he is now facing a major job or even industry change.  For our family this could mean relocating out of state.  Additionally, we are faced with moving out of our home very quickly due to circumstances out of our control.  Without knowing where my husband will obtain a new position, we are unable to decide where to move or to begin even looking.  The strange thing is I don’t feel upset or stressed about the unknown, and the reason for my peace is that I invited change to come into my life.

It’s like this:  If you were getting married and wanted all of your friends and family to come to your wedding, you would send out invitations.  That is the best way to get the word out about an event.  Well, I started thinking about how we create change in our lives and how we let the universe know about our desired “event” (in this case change).  We have to invite the universe to participate and co-create it.  So, remembering that I’d done this recently, I could only smile and allow these seemingly stressful events to unfold before me.

Though it may be challenging to see the good in losing a good job and a home, I’m  welcoming it as an opportunity to experience new places, people, and emotions.  I believe that sometimes it takes a large shift in our lives to get us to the next season.  And, if this is truly the case, I also welcome it to happen all at once.  That way, I can settle into the newness of everything together.  The thing is, we can come up with all sorts of scenarios in our minds about how our lives will or will not change in the future.  And we can kick and scream all the way through those changes or we can understand that everything in the universe is in motion and is changing all the time.  I put out a sort of perpetual invitation for change that serves who I am and who I want to be.  That way I am always on the look out for opportunity and growth.

Signs of Upcoming Change

  • Feeling as though something important is around the corner (because it is).
  • Overall tiredness and desire to rest more.
  • Seeing and understanding deep truths in simple everyday things
  • Edginess or moodiness
  • Hunger for knowledge
  • Hunger for spiritual enlightenment
  • Desire to be healthier
  • Meeting new people who impart wisdom or encouragement
  • Frustration with current job or situations
  • Desire to have deep conversations

You will notice that some of these things seem positive and some negative (that is if you want to judge them).  I pointed out the broad array of feelings experienced before and during times of great change so you wouldn’t dismiss them if you’re going through this.  Though I can only share that which I know from personal experience and that of my clients who have shared about this topic, I’m sure you will relate to at least a couple. The most important thing is for you to pay attention to anything different that happens as well as out of place emotions that pop up randomly.  Don’t discount them as just PMS or hormonal mood swings.  Awareness is your best friend when approaching and navigating new life seasons and changes.  If you practice paying attention to the signs, you will become an expert at knowing where you are with self-growth and life shifts.

When I was in the early years of experiencing frequent migraine headaches, I didn’t always know when one was coming because I didn’t pay attention to the subtle signs that were often all over the board.  After experiencing enough strange symptoms and the distinct prerequisites, I finally became an expert at predicting when an attack would come.  This foresight helped me to prepare for down time and allowed me to understand more about how my body worked and responded to migraine triggers. I truly believe the signs of profound life change are there if you will only acknowledge them as so, especially if you’ve been crying out for change.  Even if you haven’t consciously sent out that invitation for change, you have done it at the core of your being.  That said, actually going through the motion of doing so consciously will help you to step into the season of change more easily and without resistance.





The Most Significant Change You Will Ever Experience  by Kellie R. Stone

Life’s Canvas by Karin Rochelle

Cultivate Your Acre by Sandy Dingwall



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  1. Such a great article and of course pertinent regarding your personal experiences. I have always said I love change, and yes, more often than not I am the one setting sail with my intentions.

    What I am learning though, is to trust my instincts more. As you have pointed out an awareness, an understanding and taking a moment to feel emotions and conditions around you can assist in anticipating coming change.

    No doubt you are going to triumph in so many ways through this coming period for you and your family. I eagerly await hearing all about it 🙂

    Cheers and love

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