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Is Remote Working For You?

Being healthy and happy can be obtained in so many ways, however, most people agree that a huge part of it is creating a balanced work and home life. If this can’t be done, stress sets in and can lead to physical and emotional health issues. One of the things I recommend to help with this is to always consider alternative options to the typical work scenario. This includes remote working from home.

Of course, there are some jobs like nursing, builders, or some complex engineering roles like creating bulkhead power connectors that wouldn’t allow for this type of work. However, if you are in a position that could be mobile or that mostly is done over the phone or computer, it could work for you.

Consider the Possibility

If you’ve thought about what it could mean for you and your family, ask your boss if remote working might be an option for you. It could be that even doing it part-time might be enough to bring some balance to your life. Here is another article that gives some insight and tips about remote working.

Dropping the Juggling Act

That rush in the morning as you struggle to get yourself ready for work and your family ready for their day sucks! Stress can be off the chart, and it isn’t even 9:00 am yet. Not a good scene for a busy mom who just wants to feel happy and healthy. But wait, what if you didn’t have to get dressed up and find those last-minute notes you took before bed? This could be your new scene if you didn’t have to rush off to an office.

You could take it easy, knowing time is now on your side. The kids will feel more connected to you, as you are actually present for them in the morning. No more commuting or sitting in the ungodly traffic in the morning and evening. 

The Downsides

The greatest two negatives about remote working are the lack of contact with your office and the potential for feeling isolated. While you might not miss the distracting chatter, it’s easy to feel forgotten about and to be missed in office memos and project updates. That said, these things are really an easy fix. Go in for regular catch-up meetings, events, and visits when you need to. It’s also important to keep face-to-face conversations going with video conferencing with your superiors and co-workers. 

You may also find it harder to step away from your laptop after a long day. If there are still emails hanging on, you’ll find it harder to ignore them until the next morning and that can make that boundary between home and work a little blurry. 

In Conclusion

Working remotely might not be the answer for everyone but could provide a sense of balance and order for some. This could reduce stress and lead to a much healthier approach to work. Talk to your boss today about remote working and see if it’s a possibility. I recommend that you suggest a trial run so you both can be confident that the benefits outweigh the negatives. 

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