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Joyful Girl Naturals: Review and Giveaway

All of us have a joyful girl inside…somewhere.  Strangely, the simplest of things can bring her out.  Recently, I had the opportunity to try some new organic body sprays by Joyful Girls Naturals.  I had no idea how they would feel on or how they would smell mingled with my own unique scent.  Well, in addition to the light, pleasing fragrance that I couldn’t get enough of, I sort of felt giddy- like a little girl.  Suddenly, I was a “joyful girl”!

Joyful Girl Naturals founder, Shelly Henley, has bridged the gap between products that perform well and those that are healthy.  I have never used a body spray that I enjoyed so much that came with a guarantee that it wasn’t going to shut my liver down with parabens, glycols, and sulfates.  The two sprays that I, BTW, use every day now, are the patchouli/sandalwood blend (Harlow) and a citris blend (Shady Grove).

Harlow – This one is sultry and alluring!  I love the spicy undertones and rich fortitude of the patchouli.  I use it every night before bed and when I want to feel especially sexy or strong.

Shady Groveshadygrove – It’s light and airy.  You can use it anytime and anywhere.  I even let my Missy Moo (toddler girl) have a spritz when she wants to do what mommy is doing.  The fresh citris is a pick me up that is like no other!

When you visit the Joyful Girl Naturals site, you will be pleasantly surprised at how many products that Shelly offers at affordable prices.  Her motto is “Health Before Weath”.  Providing a all-inclusive website for women to shop for personal care products is obviously her passion – one that she displays in her business and the service that she gives to her customers.

“My goal is to provide effective, natural products that everyone can afford. I have spent many years on development of my products. I do infuse my own oils, and create my own recipes. I only sell my products that are effective for their intended use,” says Shelly.

I hope that you all find your way to her site and give one or more of her products a try.  There is something special about her and that which she puts into every drop of body spray, oil, shampoo, and lotion.  I know that I will have a lasting business relationship with her as well as a friendship.  Shelly will be featured in a “Beautiful Woman” interview soon, so please pick up our RSS feed as not to miss this inspiring story.


JoylogoJoyful Girl Naturals has offered a full-sized body spray for our September giveaway basket.  This prize package filled with the products we have reviewed this month (valued at over $100) will be given away to one lucky reader.  Do any of the following to enter the contest (entry deadline September 30, 2009):


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5.  Comment on any of the other reviews we did this month:  Red Leaf Tea, Aroma Artisan, Brainscan.

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  1. I have been a Joyful Girl for about 1 1/2 years and let me tell you…Shelly is absolutely WONDERFUL!!! She is my friend for LIFE!! My daughter has severe food allergies as well as terrible eczema and just about everything OTC has at least 1 ingredient that she’s allergic to. Well, on my search for alternative products, I stumbled upon Shelly’s site and never looked back. She has helped my daughter, son, and me tremendously! I shudder to think what I would be using now if I hadn’t found her. All of her products work and the best thing…it’s all natural. Aside from her amazing items, Shelly is an inspiration to all women. She has helped me though some trying times and I know she’ll always be there for me. So if anyone is skeptical of using a natural product, all I can say is to just give it a try. Seeing…and feeling…will make you a believer!

  2. The Organic Face Wash is what I would like. I am always looking for great face washes and this one looks like it would be delightful!

  3. I love all of the Joyful Girl Products! I have used them in the past and continue to use them to this day. There are so many different products that Shelly makes that it’s incredible and much too hard to pick just one favorite. However, I would say that one of my most favorite products that I have tried is the Brown Sugar and Vanilla Body/Facial Scrub! It’s makes my skin feel so wonderful afterwards. I get the benefits of a scrub and moisturizer all in one! In fact, I have a hard time keeping my 8 yr. old out of it!

  4. I also would like Harlow as I already wear Patchouli as one of my 3 favorite scents. The lash conditiong and eye make-up remover also looked good (since that is a crucial area) I actually liked most of what they had. The prices were great for the quality.
    ps, I’m already following you on twitter. (what does “stumple” mean and grab the rss feed, though I had done that already
    Thanks , Vicky

  5. I visited their site, but I like the Shady Grove spray you talk about here!

    This giveaway is so great, Kellie!

  6. I can use all the joy I can get! 🙂 The sprays sound lovely, as do the shampoo/cond for untamed frizzy hair, but I would choose the cocoa butter lotion. I have terribly dry skin and it itches in the humidity. It’s the humid season now.

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