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Let Your Mind Wander

As I sat in my writing chair this morning, I realized that for some reason my thoughts would not stay on any one subject long enough to get an article done. Well, that got me thinking about how our minds love to wander to strange, new places far from the task at hand. Why does this happen, and is it a good or bad thing?

In the Interest of Science

Do you know the average person can only keep his mind on one thing for six to eleven seconds at a time? It’s a wonder we get anything done at all. Or, is it that we are actually getting more done than we think. In the past, “spacing off” and daydreaming was thought to be a sign of laziness and procrastination, a sign of burn out, and even a symptom of a mental condition. “In recent years, however, scientists have begun to see the act of daydreaming very differently. They’ve demonstrated that daydreaming is a fundamental feature of the human mind – so fundamental, in fact, that it’s often referred to as our “default” mode of thought. Many scientists argue that daydreaming is a crucial tool for creativity, a thought process that allows the brain to make new associations and connections.”

Your Daydream Could Be Important

Though the inability to concentrate may interfere with a project (a blog post), it can be an open door for creativity and growth. Yes, I admit that I couldn’t focus on my writing in the way that I wanted to, but because of my rogue thoughts, I found something interesting to talk about anyway. I’m glad to know that I am in good company; Albert Einstein was known for his frequent episodes of random thinking.  And though I would love to think that my spacey moments are leading to  some brilliant contribution to society, it’s more likely they will only generate answers to myown dilemmas. And that’s okay.

Train Your Brain

Two years ago a friend introduced me to something called Brain Entrainment through the Holosync program. “Holosync is a sophisticated form of audio technology that induces the brain wave patterns of deep meditation. Users experience all the benefits of a traditional meditation practice, but in an accelerated time-frame,” as stated on http://www.centerpointe.com. The experts who developed this program encourage you to let your mind go where it wants to go while working through Holosync sessions. By doing this, your brain takes care of pending business, ideas, and decisions of which you may not otherwise be aware.

A Mental Vacation

I believe that our minds need time to travel just as we do. Think how you feel when you are somewhere new and exciting; it’s refreshing, restful, and even educational. Without times of rest, most become overworked and burned out on life. If we are constantly working on planned tasks and regiment plans, are we living or just getting things done? Is it possible that these little mind-ventures are just vacations for our brain? If so, than we need them. I say, let your mind wander.

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