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Meet Dr. Anca Lamse, MD

Women’s Life Link would like to introduce, Dr. Anca Lamse, MD.  Anca currently runs the Lamse Wellness Clinic where she takes patients to new levels of health through an integrative approach to medicine.  She also graciously authors health related articles for our website.  

WLL Tell us a little about yourself (not what you do but who you are).

Dr. LamseI enjoy people. To me, my family members, my friends, my patients are like different precious stones strung together; I appreciate their idiosyncrasies and their humanity.

My country of origin is Romania, and I grew up in a family where parents were strict and children obeyed. Somehow, Mom managed to become my best friend, though I did not enjoy the discipline I was subjected to as a child. In Romania I learned respect for authority, and respect for others. I still remember how important it was to Mom that my sister and I be kind and affable with the cleaning lady and the garden workers at our house.

I also learned in Romania that “ladies don’t eat desert.” I have not adhered to that too well, however, I still keep in mind that “one should not feast at every meal.”  Is that strange?


WLL –  What is the main focus of your professional life at this time?

Dr. LamseBeing able to meet people where there are at, and speak the truth in love. In other words, letting them know what would make the biggest difference in their health for the money they pay; letting them know that it’ll be more expensive to be sick; and encouraging them to eat well; laugh as much as possible; love as much as possible; and not encourage thoughts and emotions that bring them down.


WLL – Describe the most fulfilling moment of your life.

Dr. LamseI feel blessed every time I have a patient refer someone else to me, and every time people tell me that they enjoy life more as a result of having seen me.



WLL – What can women learn from your life example?

Dr. LamseI see this in MANY women: they are burdened with the burdens of others, and they end up developing allergies, chronic pain, and autoimmune diseases. Because I went through a health crisis one year ago, I can tell these women from experience: stress can kill you! You are not God, and cannot bear every one’s burdens. The world would go on, if something were to happen to you!

I say, do what you can, and lay those other burdens down! Women usually start crying when I tell them this, because it speaks to them. We must simplify our lives.


WLLWhat advice would you give to young women about their health, fitness, and beauty?

Dr. LamseBeing a woman is a wonderful thing. Enjoy and nurture your body! Laugh every day. It’s one of the greatest beautifiers, as is kindness. Wear clothes that flatter your figure. Look into green beauty products, without toxic compounds that disrupt your endocrine system.


WLL – What lesson do you wish you had learned much earlier in life?

Dr. LamseThat it does NOT pay to get offended. I am sensitive to other’s needs, and I used to feel very offended when others hurt my feelings. “Do not be easily offended,” says the Good Book. It’s one of those burdens that hurts YOU, and not the other person. Bless them and move on. Studies with cancer survivors showed that those who wish well to their “enemies,” so to speak, are healthier. Go figure!


WLL – How do you think other women see you?

Dr. LamseI believe that they see me as having it all; a great career, a great husband, and so forth. I love my life, but life on earth is not perfect. It takes a lot of work to achieve and maintain a certain status or situation. May God give us wisdom!


WLL– Name three things on your life list (what you want to do before you die).

Dr. LamseI want to be wise and see through false glitter/glamor/lies.
I want to be wise.
I want to be wise. There’s such a sweet, sweet feeling when appearances become transparent and one can see or feel reality.


WLL – Any regrets?

Dr. LamseNo; everything that I could have done better has been a lesson to me.


WLL – Who or what inspires you to reach your dreams?

Dr. LamseOften it is my sister, who in her own strength worked her way up to the position of “senior account executive” for a company.


Check out Dr. Lamse’s health articles at  http://www.womenslifelink.com/category/health/

and http://blogs.hoosiertimes.com/doctor

Dr. Lamse is currently accepting new patients at the Lamse Wellness Clinic in Mooresville, IN.

Lamse Wellness Clinic
ph: 317-834-9304;  fax: 317-831-0864

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