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“Press” Here

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Well, the topic for today is one that might make a few of you cringe or at least think about whether I have read your mail…so to speak.  It’s just too big of an issue to not address here before God and everyone.  So, let’s move on.

What do you think about the word “press” and all of the negative forms it seems to take?  Just think about it…you have depression, oppression, suppression, pressure…

These are all barriers in some form or another.  And how many of you have experienced one or more of the above.

That’s what I thought.

You’re not alone…I’ve had a few rounds with every one of those beasts myself.  That’s why I type here today with confidence when I say this…

You can beat them with your hands tied behind your back.  Let me explain…briefly.  I only have 300 words in which to make a point.  Every one of those grizzly entities are a symptom of imbalance.  Sound simple?  Well, it is…not always easy, but simple.  The key is discovering why the teeter-totter is slamming into the ground and leaving you with a sore rear end.  You’ve got to place equal weight on each end if you want to flow up and down smoothly (I went to the park with my kids this week…what can I say).  It’s a good analogy though.  Think about how it feels when you aren’t balanced.  It sucks.  It hurts.  It brings about trouble and bruises.

Let’s make this simple…

♦  Locate yourself (where the &*$# are you, anyway?)  What word did you put in the blank?  Mine was not bad at all…

♦  Prioritize (What makes you happy?)

♦  Set Goals (What results do you want?)

♦  WEED THE GARDEN (Only you can decide what this one means.)

♦  Move some things around (It means that you might have to say no.)

♦  Enjoy your new growth and balance (Peace…ahhh)

♦  Maintain (A little follow-up goes a long way.)

OK, I blew the 300 words, but I’ll make it up with a 200-worder next time.  Let me know how you do with this one.

Be Beautiful-Be Creative-Be Happy!

You may also enjoy the article on life balance from the Mayo Clinic. 


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  2. Well you may have blown the 300 words but it’s a great article. Good reminder of the steps we need to take if we want change.

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