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Girls Going Green

In honor of Earth month, I wanted to share a couple of ways in which we can be mindful of our planet…notice the Green titles, just for fun.  I know it gets overwhelming thinking about changing your lifestyle to suit the “Earth-friendly” buzz that’s flying around these days.  My approach is to do what I can, not trying to change everything all at once.  Here’s a few products, sites, and resources that might help you care for the environment as they did me.

Ecostore USA

I recently received a couple of complimentary products from an environmental-friendly company called Ecostore USA.  I’ve given them a fair trial and wanted to share my honest opinion of them with you.  First, the Manuka Honey & Kelp Soap came at a great time, as I was just finishing up a bar of natural soap from another company.  I found the scent immediately appealing, sort of sweet and spring like.  The thing I like the most about it is the tiny granules throughout the bar that act as an exfoliant when used as a body cleanser.  I didn’t try it on my face, but I’m pretty picky about what goes there.

It seems to be holding up well in the shower, not dissolving like some natural soaps can.  I personally feel overall it’s a quality product that the whole family can use.  They offer several other scents like, coconut, lemongrass, vanilla, and one for babies, all for the affordable price of $4.00 each.

The other product I tried was the aromatherapy Baby Massage Oil.  Though I thought it had a nice consistency, I found the scent fresh but a little strong for my taste.  I love aromatherapy care products, but I think this one could be toned down a little, maybe just the concentration diluted a bit.  I do like the fact that their entire line is chemical free and not tested on animals though; sometimes it’s hard to find that quality.  They do also offer other baby products; such as, balm, shampoo, wash, and the soap I mentioned above.  As with all products you use on yourself and your children, read the ingredients carefully for anything you might be allergic or sensitive to.  So, check out their site for the full story on the company and the entire Ecostore USA line.  And if you’re not an Internet shopper, you can pick up the line at any Duane Reade Store on the East coast or Meijer located in five states.  I give them a thumbs up!

Household Care

I think it’s important to know that there are alternatives to the mainstream products that most people use to clean and spruce up their homes.  One of the most unhealthful things any of us can do is use paint that is loaded with toxic chemicals and solvents.  Many of the top paint companies are getting a clue, however.  Benjamin Moore now offers a eco and human- friendly paint called Natura®.  This high performance paint is a waterborne, odor-free product that actually exceeds the criteria for environmental safety put forth by LEEDS (Leadership In Energy and Environmental Design).  You can purchase the Benjamin Moore products online or locate a store near you from their website. 

A Few Odds and Ends

Here’s a link to an article I did on some wonderful natural cleaning products.

You might also enjoy this article about what classifies a product as “natural”.  Easyecoblog.com has many tips on how you can care for your home in a environmentally friendly way.

Join Aveda on their crusade to help raise awareness and funding for global clean water projects.  For more info on how you can be a part of this month long effort, click here.

Remember to do something this month to help keep our planet healthy and thriving.  Make sure to check out the Life Link Store for some great deals on healthful products.   Be well-be beautiful.

Photo by Girlymonkey

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  1. Great post, Kellie! I love the focus on going green… those soaps sound awesome. My mom actually makes her own soap, so I’m lucky that way! 🙂

  2. Great post Kellie! We’re in sync–I just finished an article on going green!

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