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Procrastination: The One Thing You Can’t Seem to Get Done

OK, ladies, I decided to ask you a question today – not for lack of anything else to write.  I just want to get some insight from you.

Tell us what one thing that you know you should do but can’t seem to accomplish; either you can’t get up the courage, get around to it, or a dastardly person is holding you back.  And when you finally get it taken care of, how will it improve you or your life?  Please share.

I will start.  The one thing I know I should do is this:  Get all 50 rolls of 35 mm film sitting in my drawer developed.  Yes, I’m ashamed to say that some of them are 7+ years old.  It will be a miracle if they are even still good.  Talk about procrastination!  Gees, Kellie.  Oh, yeah, the improvement part.  By finally clearing those rolls out of my drawer, I will 1.) have more room in my drawer; 2.) prove to my children that I actually did take photos when they were younger; 3.) stop thinking about it and wondering what wonderful images are trapped in those little containers.

It really is a dark cloud hanging over my head.  OK, I put it on my Outlook calendar.

Your turn.

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  1. Getting children ready to go back to school can be horrifying! All the shopping, the cleaning, the organizing…eeek! It’s coming up too fast. Thanks for reminding me Genny.

  2. One thing I just can’t seem to get around to lately is cleaning out my kids’ closets and drawers to get ready for the school year. They both have clothes they don’t fit into anymore, and their drawers are bulging every time they put laundry away…lol. I think I may just have them help me tackle this today, actually. Thanks, as always, for the motivational article!

  3. Kellie,

    I did manage to clear a part of the wardrobe….:)

    That gives me some relief if not fully. Something is better than nothing 😉


  4. Suzanne,

    You sound like a woman with a plan. I’m constantly trying to improve in that department. I’m so much more a people person than a task doer. I need to be kicked in the rear often to get my to-do list made let alone done. Keep up the great work with your “things” to do.

  5. Priya,

    Convincing men to do that which they don’t think is necessary is definitely one of life’s difficult tasks. Somehow try to make him believe he thought of it. Good luck with that!

  6. Hi Kelly!!

    Thanks for visiting (and liking) my blog. I have to say that yours is just as enjoyable.

    I’m a queen of procrastination as well. I wrote a while back that it is because I’m quite a perfectionist, but for some tasks there are no excuses anymore.

    As it happens, a week ago I got fed up with my unfinished things. I made a long to-do list with things that should have been done weeks, months and even years ago. And I have been working on them ever since.
    I did bring my photos to print (still have to stick them in an album though) and got that extra set of keys made. I even installed the webcam that was gathering dust for over a year on a shelf.

    It did mean that I had to put some other things aside, so I can see it is time to get back to blogging and cleaning again now and leave other tasks for next year again. It’s all about priorities.

  7. Hey Kellie, thanks for dropping by my blog. You have a beautiful blog!
    Coming to your post, there is indeed one thing I have been thinking of doing since a very very long time. My Father-in-Law is a person who does not like to part with his old goodies, even if they are of no use now. They are all stocked up in a wardrobe. Old disfunctioning food processors, VCDs, old clothes which don’t fit him anymore and many such things. He just can’t part with those stuff.
    I am hoping to get it cleared this week since this will mean 1) More space for the products which I am stockign up in my house for the business 2) Clear up the house of this old junk and make it look cleaner.

    Having said that, I know it’s not going to be an easy task as convincing my Father-in-Law is a bigger task then clearing the wardrobe. Wish me Luck!! 🙂

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