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Professionalism: A Little Advice


I was thinking the other day about what it’s like to have a wonderful experience in a store or restaurant as opposed to a not-so-good one.  You know them both well, I’m sure.  One thing that stands out to me, and brings the server a tip to write home to mom about, is professionalism.  When it’s present, service rocks!  Not so much when the server stutters through their greeting, doesn’t know the menu nor how to smile.  There are boat loads of young people out there in the service industry who don’t have a clue what the word means, let alone how to act with it.  So, if you find yourself receiving excellent service while boosting the anemic economy, be thankful.

Not Just for Professionals

Even if you are not in a service “profession”, there should be a certain level of upstanding mannerism coming from your person.  In other words, don’t act like a fool, a tart, a know-it-all, or a bee-otch while talking to your doctor, your child’s teachers, your husband’s boss, or any other service provider you might come in contact with.  Keep your cool, ladies.  This used to be a hard one for me; I was, let’s say, difficult…sometimes.  My body and mental state suffered from it, too.  It’s that stress thing again.

You appreciate when others are accommodating and kind.  Well, how you should act while interacting with people goes without saying.  Understand that you never know who you might meet – what opportunities lie awaiting for you.  Be well-be beautiful.

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