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Start Building A Career You Love Today

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While building a career, it’s a given that you have a job in your desired field. This job is usually one that uses your skills, experience, and has fulfilling aspects that keep you moving upward. However, having just any old job is not necessarily building a career you will love for the long haul. Let’s take a look at the differences and how you might start building a career you love today!

Here are the definitions of both. See where your job or career fits in:

Job: A paid position of regular employment. This is the kind of path many follow, especially young people who may not have figured out what they really want to do.  Jobs can pay well, be fun and even cover adventurous expenses but, in turn, may not be what you truly want. At some point, most will look at where they are in their lives and think seriously about the future. Does this job fit into my life goals and dreams? 

Career: An occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress. For most, their career is something that they enjoy. Career building often starts as early as high school for some. Young people may know exactly what they want to do and pursue that major in school. Getting real world experience is usually the thing that seals the deal, though. Learning about a career is a lot different than living it.

Some people get caught up in careers that no longer fulfill them. This happens when goals and life situations change. For example, a jet-set model might love the hustle and bustle of her career in her twenties. Suddenly, it’s not so much fun when she wants to have a family and be at home. And, this is perfectly OK. It’s a time to soul search and decide what needs to change and how to do it.

Why Does It Matter?

If the result is the same – dollars in the bank – then does it really matter if you have a job or a career?

Yes and no. We all need money to survive and, sometimes, that means taking whatever work we can get. I’ve seen this happen in my own life many times. Being responsible and working at a job temporarily while you look for a career-building position is honorable. This situation affects both women and men globally. Additionally, many people who are fed up with the job market choose to start their own businesses if it suits them. This is a perfect way to build a career if working for someone else isn’t working out so well.

Perhaps, the problem isn’t in the money, having a boss, or even the type of work. Maybe you just really want to help people in a more fulfilling way. If this is the case, consider your skills and experience and see where you might use them. The following areas may be worth checking out if you are at an undesirable place in your current job or career.

Charity Work

If giving back is important to you, charitable work could be an area you would thrive in. If you’re good with people and money, fundraising is a great place to start. There are opportunities all around for quality office workers, managers, marketing experts, accountants, and other professionals in this field. You could start by contacting your favorite charity and checking for career opportunities in your area.


Heaven knows, the world needs quality, loving teachers to prepare others for life and work. Fortunately, there is virtually no limit to things you can teach. Teaching either children or adults is a career that is bound to score high on the passion meter. Additionally, there are many ways to teach, as well. Again, seek out companies and organizations of your interest. There are plenty of online sites that help professionals find positions in the teaching industry. Simply Education is one that only serves teachers. Also, consider teaching right where you are now. It could be the thing that makes you fall in love with your job or career all over again.

Care Services

Though many positions in the healthcare industry require specific training, there are some that only take minimal training. You could work as a private personal assistant, helping those with disabilities maintain their independence in a domestic setting. Another important service is respite care. These individuals provide essential services to the person with the health issue and the primary caregiver.

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