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Stop and Smell the Roses…or the Eucalyptus

Migraine Blues

If you are a long time migraine sufferer like me, than you likely have written that eviction notice to your body’s penthouse occupant at least a dozen times…oh, but wait, we do need our brains, don’t we.  You would be lying if you said that you had not considered a rash plucking of your swollen blood vessels that are encapsulated inside your head.  That’s what I thought…

Well, since we can’t engage in kitchen knife surgery or any such event that would unfortunately render us, well, dead, we must find ways to work with our bodies to alleviate at least some of the pain and discomfort associated with migraine disease.  One thing that I’ve learned in the eight years I’ve spent with the condition is that sometimes the things that trigger a headache, in another form, can actually be helpful.  Let me explain.

A Love and Hate Relationship

I’m a woman who loves scents—florals, spices, herbs, foods, and especially coffee.  However, with this adoration, I have to exercise caution.  As much as I would love to walk through the perfume section of a major department store, I can’t.  Why?  Because the second I come across just a hint of a trigger scent, I’m done for.  Sorry, Paris; your perfume is the worst.  So, what I’m getting at here is that smells can be devastating for headache sufferers, as most of you likely know.  Read on for the good news.

I have come to discover that the simplest aromas can reduce the intensity of a status migraine or headache and even abort one that is caught immediately.  I’ve tried the rub on products like, Head On and one I got from Bath and Body Works; they didn’t seem to live up to my expectations.  Another disappointment, so I sort of gave up on that type of aromatherapy treatment.  It wasn’t until I met Shelly Henley, owner of Joyful Girl Naturals, that I began to stir up some of the previous interest I had in all things aromatic.

A Saving Grace

After reviewing one of her organic body sprays, I openly shared my migraine issue with her.  Because Shelly is a wonderful, compassionate woman who herself has been a migraine sufferer, she proceeded to send me her “headache relief kit” that included several products.  The one I want to share with you is the Migraine Relief Balm.  It comes in a handy twist up cylinder (like a big chapstick) that dispenses a rich emollient made of Kokum butter.  With calendula, arnica, lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, and menthol, it seems to be just the right formula to nix the edge of a bad headache.

I have been using it as a hand balm so I have immediate access to the aroma if I feel the “penthouse party” start.  The practice of deep breathing the herbal essence is a winner for me as well.  I think it naturally slows down your body’s activity, including the swelling of blood vessels and the onset of stress. Simple relief.  Joyful Girl’s products have been thoroughly tested and proven effective for many of their customers.  For something under $10, you can’t go wrong.  Be well-be beautiful

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  1. Useful information! I don’t regularly get migranes but I did have a nagging headache all day yesterday. I used pure eucalyptus oil under my nose and on my temples…it was gone within a few minutes! Essential oils are amazing and I am learning more ane more about them every day. Dr. Lamse is a fantastic source of information on this subject.

  2. I love this! I’m like you; I love scents…especially lavendar and eucalyptus…and coffee!

    That prodcut sounds great; I’m going to check it out. As always, thanks for the tip, Kellie!

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