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Enzymes: A Missing Health Link?


Enzymes: A Missing Health Link?

By Heidi Kline, DC, IHS

Every one knows there are certain things that the body needs to survive and thrive; these include water, oxygen, and nourishment.  However, our bodies have other crucial requirements that most people have never even heard of; one of these widely missed components are enzymes.  I was one of those people…and I am a doctor.

My Own Discovery

It wasn’t until I joined Dr. Mary Jo Johnson’s chiropractic and wellness practice that she personally introduced me to enzyme therapy. My health was way out of whack; I needed her expertise to help me gain my health back. She taught me how to balance my life by addressing my physical and biochemical stressors.  Let me explain.  First, let me tell you what I felt and how I acted prior to the enzyme therapy.  I was a carb junkie! Seriously, I needed carbs constantly. I cried…all the time; I had horrible acne; I was lethargic and bitchy.  Not good.

Enzyme Basics

There are three building blocks of nutrients: Carbohydrates, Lipids, and Proteins. If you’re body does not make enough enzymes to break down these substances or if you over indulge in them, here is what you will likely feel:

Carbohydrates: Loss of energy, inability to concentrate, easily startled, an unstoppable craving for carbs (you can’t digest them so it’s like you never ate them…even though you just had a bagel), allergies, anxiety, headaches at the base of your skull, asthma, arthritis, and either diarrhea, constipation or both. Yuck!

Lipids: Headache at your temples, uncontrollable blood pressure, high blood sugar levels, dry skin, pain in your upper back/shoulder region, inability to conceive, inability to induce labor, and spontaneous abortion.  Dangerous!

Side Note: Cholesterol looks like a lipid and Lipitor is the highest selling drug for Pfizer Labs. Interesting.  Guess what the second highest is?  Viagra.  Therefore, if you digest your lipids better you and your man would have a better sex life…not to mention more energy and an increased sense of well being. Basic biochemistry.

Proteins: TMJ pain, cholesterol issues, sweating (clammy hands feet, skin), cold hands and cold feet, swelling in your hands and feet, and bleeding gums.

Are You Lacking Enzymes?

Does any of this sound familiar?  Could enzymes be your missing health link?  How many women do you know who could benefit from enzyme therapy? It’s not too good to be true.  I’m a living success story.  Because of the treatment, I am 20 lbs lighter and have more energy (most days I have mega energy). This simple but profound therapy can actually restore a woman’s natural biochemistry even after major system changes like childbirth, surgery, trauma, stress, and menopause.

Now, just to let you know, I still slip up and enjoy the—not so good for me— treats, but my whole life has changed.  I’m not going back. If you’d like to join me in this place of health…you can. It just takes daily baby steps and understanding that you are an awesome human being and a beautiful woman!  Every day is a new day. A great easy book to start with is Dr. Lita Lee’s, The Enzyme Cure: An Alternative Medicine Guide (Alternative Medicine Guides), and be sure to check out Dr. Anca Lamse’s article, You Are What You Absorb.



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