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Actor, Musician Mandi Siler Makes Her Mark On The World

World, please meet Californian actor and musician, MANDI SILER. Another young lady who has suffered through the nightmare of bullying and has some good advice to share with other victims. And Mandi is now rising above her nightmare to become an actor and a musician. This thirty-six-year-old is an only child, having also suffered through the tragedy of losing her older brother when he was hit by a drunk driver at age sixteen.

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Aspiring Actress From Sudan Beats Her Tormentors And Reaches For The Stars

Anyieth Kuotz is a rising actress, originating from South Sudan, who has had to beat her tormenters while proving to her negative thinking family that she could do it – she could become the actress that not only she wanted to be – but even the MC at her primary school graduation publicly announced that she should be. It seems the fact that she could always make people laugh coupled with being one of the friendliest students prepared her for the future. If only she could make her family believe that.

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Former Bullying Victim, Sharon Bridgeman, Makes Acting Dreams Come True

Meet Irish actor and model, SHARON BRIDGEMAN. Here is another prime example of a young victim of bullying who is proving that her nightmare cannot stop her from reaching for her dream. The nineteen-year-old has always wanted to be an entertainer – both on stage and in front of a camera. Sharon says acting has made her a lot more confident, which is understandable given she has performed in numerous plays in The Gaiety and in many other productions as well as on camera and as a voice-over.

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