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Your Weekly Dose of Diva: Manure Meditation?

So, every week, I bare it all (well, maybe not all!) and let you in on my personal and professional aha of the week. That …

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Your Weekly Dose of Diva: Dancing Like Crazy And Other Things That Keep Us Sane…

This one's a shorty but a goodie. And it's all about what each one of us needs to maintain sanity (particular at the crazy end of summer time that always feels so darn hectic).

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Your Weekly Dose of Diva: Rules to live by…

Can I start by saying that all the comments and connection for last weeks post were unbelievable. I just love it when you join in the conversation! It makes writing that much more rewarding. Sometimes when you write it can feel a little like you're talking to yourself! So thank you! I felt like it would be fitting to continue on last weeks train of thought and add a little twist that a number of your comments had me pondering. Yep, this week is all about rules to live by!

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Your Weekly Dose Of Diva: Tales Of A Rule-Breaker

Let's talk about rules. Yes, I know...makes you want to yawn just thinking about it but hear me out. Over the last decade I have become quite a rule-breaker...not traditional rules like “thou shalt not steal” but all the rules we set for ourselves daily. Let me give you an example. When Diva my horse first came into my life I had an entire rule book on how being with a horse should look, how they should act, how a good horse behaved and so on. There was a heck of a lot of self-imposed rules that I’d built up and internalized through my previous riding experience and things I’d learned in childhood and beyond.

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Your Weekly Dose Of Diva: How To Deal With Brain Overload

Anyone else out there with lessons, ah-hahs and ideas coming at them at the speed of light? We are officially in summer warp speed! A time to get a little quieter, a little softer and a little stiller, even when the energy of things wants to whip you into a frenzy. I feel a horse metaphor or two coming on. But I digress.

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Your Weekly Dose of Diva: The Truth About Boundaries…

Boundaries. This one topic has confused and annoyed more people than you can throw a stick at (including yours truly)! Ask ten people on the street and they will all give you a different version of what a healthy boundary looks like and when it should be set. But, at the end of the day, we want some clarity (or maybe it's just me?). What is this boundary stuff all about? What is the truth about boundaries?

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