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Is Numerology For Me?

While structured religious guidance can be a source for deeper spiritual grounding for many, there are other forms of practice that can bring helpful insight. …

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3 Ways To Learn More About World Religions

Religion is a strong backbone of our society. Though many people don’t practice any type of organized religion, most know of the major ones. If …

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You Are What You Believe

Belief about anything doesn't just start one day without some sort of thought, idea, influence, experience, or suggestion. What we believe about ourselves is really the most complicated version of all belief.

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Believing Is Seeing…

Today is the day that we need to look at our beliefs about what is possible in our own lives. If you truly want to be a different person next month, than you have to change your mind first. Do you believe you can change your life? I mean really believe? No matter where you are, you can improve on something in your life. However, before that happens, you must believe deeply that it will happen. Your mind is so powerful that it can and will moves mountains to see your dreams come to pass.

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Seeing Yourself Through A Child’s Eyes

Just for a minute, try to imagine what it would be like to see yourself through the eyes of a child. Remember or not, we all did this at one time. After all, there is a little girl in there somewhere. She is your best friend, your confidant, your endless source of creative ideas. But first let's look at ourselves through the eyes of who we are now...a grown ups, maybe middle-aged women.

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