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You Are What You Believe

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Hello lovelies! I’ve been on quite an inner journey lately…late night reading and thinking, self-evaluation, releasing trapped emotions; I’m going deeper with my beliefs about myself and the universe.  As we approach the end of the New You in 31 Days Challenge, I want to emphasize that all of the posts and suggestions this month were not shared just to be a temporary jump start but to promote new life possibilities and changes. That brings me to the topic of today’s post: Belief.

Belief about anything doesn’t just start one day without some sort of thought, idea, influence, experience, or suggestion. What we believe about ourselves is really the most complicated version of all belief. We are inundated by thousands of daily thoughts about who, what, how, and why we are. Eventually those tiny pelts influence our choices and beliefs. Some serve us well and some not so much. I really have come to understand just how important those beliefs are and how powerful they really are. These beliefs are either formed out of love or fear. Gregg Braden said in his book, The Spontaneous Healing of Belief: Shattering the Paradigm of False Limits, “Love or fear is the driving force that propels us through the walls of resistance and catapults us beyond the barriers that keep us from our goals, dreams, and desires.”

Recognizing which emotion (love or fear) from which our thoughts derive is a key factor in changing the patterns of our life – the ones that don’t serve. When we think and act out of the emotion of love, we not only create more love in our lives but expel it into the universe. This emission is the catalyst for changing the consciousness of the planet. Just think about what would happen if we all could develop beliefs about ourselves, each other, our environment, and our future with love and pure oneness. Braden also shares that “belief is expressed in the heart, where our experiences are translated into the electrical and magnetic waves that interact with the physical world.”

What Are Beliefs, Really?

First of all, have you ever wondered how or why either you or others can just change what they believe? Well, I have. And, I believe I’ve found an answer: Our subconscious beings know how important our beliefs are and they do not accommodate, for very long, ones that no longer serve us . The hints are those tugs and taunts that prod us into seeking or changing – you know, the ones that wake you up at night. If you don’t believe how powerful our beliefs can be, consider the placebo effect: The scientific community has proven that legitimate healing has (and does) take place from the power of an individual believing that a therapy or “pill” taken is the cure for his or her illness. Their belief in what the doctors suggested would work became a powerful force that actually changed something (or everything) in their bodies.

What this means to me is simple: Be careful about what you choose to believe. Each time someone on the planet believes that we will never achieve world peace, something physical happens on the planet to solidify that belief. Just like with those patients who received the benefits of their belief in those pills, we are all subject to the changes (results and/or consequences) our beliefs carry. And, we are all affected on a global scale.

Understand that beliefs are not fleeting thoughts or even ones that are well planned and frequently visited. They are much thicker and more complex than that. Beliefs are created by the entanglement of thought, experience, and emotion. It’s a good thing too…I wouldn’t want to give power to even half of my thoughts. What I do want is to develop my beliefs based on love and the idea that we are one and can co-create a peaceful, safe, and thriving planet that doesn’t have to worry about things like genocide, hunger, violence, war, inequality, and hate.

Thanks for stopping by today! I would love to discuss this topic further. Please share your ideas in the comments, and I will reply.


You Have Great Worth by Karin Rochelle

Intention Deficit by Dr. Tricia Working

When Confidence Comes by Kellie R. Stone


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