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Believing Is Seeing…

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“[Luke:] I can’t believe it.

[Yoda:] That is why you fail.”

Well, yes, I love me some Star Wars! In this famous scene from The Empire Strikes Back, Yoda shows young Luke why he could not accomplish his goal. He did not believe it could be done either by himself or Yoda. In shock, Luke spurts the line, “I can’t believe it!” He is dumbfounded as to how in the world Yoda lifted the tonnage of steel out of the water. Previous to his life-changing scolding, Yoda told him this: “Do or do not…there is no try.”  And, because Luke could not believe the task was even possible, he merely tried to raise the ship out of the water, instead of doing it.

Today is the day that we need to look at our beliefs about what is possible in our own lives. If you truly want to be a different person next month, than you have to change your mind first. Do you believe you can change your life? I mean really believe? No matter where you are, you can improve on something in your life. However, before that happens, you must believe deeply that it will happen. Your mind is so powerful that it can and will move mountains to see your dreams come to pass.

This New You in 31 Days Challenge has been a beautiful one for me, as I have dedicated my whole heart and mind to it. I have already overcome a huge fear, been posting consistently, and made countless new connections, all because I believed it could be done. I hope you have had as much success as I have for the first half of the month. There is something about a challenge that gets our wheels turning and our feet moving. Maybe it’s the competition of it or the need to prove that we can be better than we were yesterday. For me, it’s a need to improve myself so I can help others in a greater and more effective way.

How Do I Believe in the Impossible?

First of all, nothing is impossible to they who believe. There is so much truth in that scripture that everyone needs to say it daily no matter what religion he or she holds dear. Personally, I find it easier to think of all matter as energy and that we can manipulate and move it where ever we want to. Energy is a tangible substance, but it is movable, flexible, changeable, and fully available to us. Science is now revealing the truth of a substance that exists between all matter. That substance is energy: a field or matrix of ever moving and changing energy that is everything. Can you believe it? Can you realize that you are also energy, that your thoughts and beliefs are energy?

If you can see this energy as something that you can control, you can accomplish what is typically believed to be impossible. This will, however, take some practice. Any time that you change a belief or life model, you will need some time to get acquainted with the new plan and challenges associated with it. Consistency is a key to any change no matter how big or small. I suggest that you choose something small to start with…not like raising a ship out of a bog like poor Luke had to attempt. Make it something really important though. Start looking at the challenge as energy putty in your hands. Mold it, change it, move it, make it whatever your heart desires. But, first, you must believe it.

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"I make no excuses for my diverse roles as a Rock Your Feminine Type Coach™ and Branding Expert, best-selling author, and crime thriller novelist. Yes, I do still chuckle a bit at the irony. I kick ass as a women’s biz coach by day and kill off vulnerable fiction characters at night. What the hell, it makes for some interesting dreams. I believe that everyone should pursue their passions no matter how out there they seem to be. One of those pure heart-fluttering passions for me has always been writing. Since I did, indeed, chase my dream of being a writer, I've published two non-fiction books in the self-development genre, co-authored an international best seller, and now I'm finally pushing my much-too-old-to-be-in-the-nest novel out the door and into the world. My whole world is empowering and I adore showing others how to live life unfiltered, whether I do that through the written word or my coaching work. I love my job!" ~Kellie R. Stone

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