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5 Ways To Be Happier And Shine During Difficult Times

Well, where do we start to find a normal life again that includes feeling and looking like ourselves? Good question. I’m trying not to dwell …

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Just A Speed Bump…

Wow, I feel like it's been forever since I sat down to write a post! The out-of-state move has been a challenging time to say the least. But I'm back! Though I still have boxes to unpack and curtains to hang, I'm looking past the physical stuff for a bit to stare into my emotional self. Change is hard. And it can even feel like your whole world is imploding on you. I've run the wheel of emotions for the past few months, as we anticipated this move and the shift we would experience. And, yes, it's felt like one huge whirlwind at times! But, really, it's just a speed bump on the journey!

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Day 15: A New You Challenge Check In

Hi my lovelies! I'm honored you are here today! Today, I want to do a brief check in for those of you who are following along with the New You in 31 Days Challenge. Even if you haven't visited every day, I'd love to here about your goals, progress, setbacks, and future aspirations. I will be personally contacting each of you who have commented on any of the posts in the challenge, so be looking for an email from me.

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5 Criminals That Stand In The Way Of Change And How To Remove Them

I know you've seen videos of protesters picketing or even physically blocking an entrance to a building or piece of land.Those who protest for a cause either want or need to stop something from changing or make it change. The result can go one of three ways depending on how peaceful the protest is: the protesters win and get their way, they don't and slip back into the crowd, or they get hauled away in paddy wagon. I picture these protesters gathering inside our minds when confronted with significant acts of change. Have you felt this crowd of free-thinkers protesting your dreams and goals? Are your efforts to do things differently frequently sabotaged by unseen troublemakers?

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