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5 Criminals That Stand In The Way Of Change And How To Remove Them

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Whether you want to believe it or not, there are some nasty criminals wreaking havoc in the lives of many women. They steal, control, mock, hinder, use, destroy, and even kill in some cases. Though these perpetrators are not physical characters like those pictured above, they are still dangerous as they can keep beautiful, talented women captive in unfulfilled lives.

These inner roadblocks are usually made up of a combination of different emotions and beliefs that remain hidden until we wake up and face them: fear of rejection, fear of hurting others, fear of getting attention, fear of being hurt, fear of not being good enough…well, just a whole lot of fear that seems to have multiple personality disorder. Below I’ve highlighted some of the worst criminals, their deviant plans, and how they have been caught. Though I’ve brought a little humor to this post, please consider its implications with all seriousness.

Fear is only one culprit guilty of getting us stuck in a life rut. Below I’ve listed some other offenders to consider as we progress into our New You In 31 Days Challenge. Please add any thoughts or additional change-saboteurs to the comments.

Call the Paddy Wagon!

1. Wanted: Fear

Fear is a multi-faceted, unpleasant mastermind criminal who exists by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. Fear also thinks it belongs. It was a necessary component to survival in the ancient days and remains a needed emotion to keep us from jumping off of cliffs and walking down dark, dangerous alleys…it should, anyway. However, fear is given WAY too much freedom these days. It has become a ruler in the lives of so many. It makes its victims pass up opportunities and even reject people. Fear needs rehabilitation.

Arrest Report: Today, fear was arrested for violently protesting dreams and goals. The suspect was apprehended in the mind of a woman who didn’t even know it was there. Officers encouraged by teaching that Facing Fears would free her. They also took the vic through several The Emotion Code therapy sessions to release the fear. The woman is now free to pursue her life goals without the intruder getting in the way.

2. Wanted: Limiting Beliefs

These criminals are the thoughts and/or stories you tell yourself that do not support you in living in your Authentic Power. Limiting beliefs impact the choices you make and how you behave in any given situation. This gang is sneaky and hides in the core of its victims. Limiting Beliefs can take over control of almost anyone who refuses to evaluate what he or she truly believes. Its origins and support are linked to family, friends, religion, media, and connections to fear. Be cautious when apprehending Limiting Beliefs; this group is dangerous and uses cruel and unusual tactics to elude capture.

Arrest Report: At long last, Limiting Beliefs surrendered today. The standoff lasted for years but ended abruptly when its victims woke up and realized they were being controlled by the gang. It took some counsel and encouragement to bring them out, but they finally came out of hiding and were escorted to captivity.

3. Wanted: Procrastination

Considered dangerous to all who are trying to reach goals, this criminal causes extreme mental back ups, delays, or the rescheduling of important events. Common MO includes the excessive use of words like, But, I Can’t, I’ll do it later, I have time, I thrive under pressure, I can reschedule, He or she will understand, I’ll fake it until I make it, Stop nagging me, and I overslept. Procrastination has close ties to both Fear and Limiting Beliefs and is a habitual offender with a previous record a mile long. 

Arrest Report: Procrastination was taking a nap in an abandoned building when officers apprehended it. The low energy thug actually asked if they could come back later for the arrest, but precise action, time management skills, Completing Purpose, and quality decision-making pushed it to its jail where it could not harm anyone again.

4. Wanted: Overwhelm

Overwhelm is extremely cruel and kills its victims by burying or drowning them in a huge mass of dread and impending responsibility. This perpetrator attacks in waves with feelings of inferiority, stress, depression, anxiety, and even thoughts of suicide. This culprit is to be handled with caution and care. Its victims may be sensitive and erratic, and unwilling to walk away from their situations. Overwhelm has lots of friends around town. It is intimate with Procrastination, Fear, and Limiting Beliefs. 

Arrest Report: Overwhelm was carefully apprehended today after the victim was made to rest, reevaluate responsibility, Self-Soothing, and practice saying no. It was a delicate operation that ended well.

5. Wanted: Lack of Confidence and Pride

True thieves, Lack of Confidence and Pride work as a team to steal momentum and leave their victims feeling helpless and as though they can’t move forward without acquiring more knowledge, money, credibility, and things. Victims actually invite this criminal team in with thoughts of not being good enough and hiding their true selves.  They hide deep within their victims, making capture tricky and time-consuming. 

Arrest Report: The Lack of Confidence and Pride criminal team was brought down today after officers found them keeping a brilliant woman from being everything she could be. The woman had a series of puncture wounds to her self-confidence caused by the constant poking of the ruthless team. She was moved to a safe location where she received encouragement, praise, rewards for effort, and acceptance. She was also taken through The Emotion Code therapy to make sure that confidence returns.



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  1. Criminals. I love it! What a truth too! Each totally steals the potential of our lives to grow into the life path we want for ourselves. I find that overwhelm tends to hit me hardest, most often, and especially as a strategist, I over think the simple concept and make it so much larger than it actually is.
    Great post, and really great embodiment of each issue. Looking forward to reading more.

    • Hi Aubrey! The concept of criminals came to me half way through writing it. Glad you stopped by and shared some of your challenges. How do you think you could reduce the overwhelmed feeling?

  2. Oh we are so kindred! Nicely done Kellie! GREAT JOB!

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