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How Do You Know He’s Right For You?

Why is it that some relationships flow so naturally, and others are rocky right from the start? Sure, every relationship is going to have endeavors, but being with someone should not feel forced or like a job. The majority of the time the reasoning for these bumpy relationships is that they are simply with the wrong person. Some of you may believe there is one true love for everybody. So, how can you tell if the one you’re with is right for you? And is there really only one soul that’s right?

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4 Dating Rules To Live By

Let’s be honest, the dating game is a demanding jungle. You'll find yourself spending hours on Tinder, only to end up on a painfully awkward date with someone, who is nothing like their given online persona. Dating can be hard, and it seemingly gets more discouraging as you get older.

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Fantasuite Theme Hotel Review (Caveman fantasy anyone?)

This is part 1 of an ongoing quest to bring you the sexiest places to play, with or without a partner. I'm rating for service, atmosphere, cleanliness, technology, and total spice factor. Under The Magnifying Glass: Fantasuite Hotel, Greenwood Indiana. A cave fantasy can take you from over the top gorgeous vampire gowns to primitive bits of torn leather. Whether you want to play vampiress or be thrown over a man's shoulder this will provide a romantic and sensually intense backdrop.

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