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4 Tips For Driving More Economically

driving more economically

Unfortunately, we e are living in a time when inflation is the norm. Everything from food to rent/mortgages can seem like a luxury, let alone …

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Flying VS Driving This Holiday Season

flying vs driving this holiday season

With a popular season to gather just around the corner, many people are wondering what is best: flying vs driving this holiday season. Both options …

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5 Ways To Ready Yourself And Your Car For A Road Trip

Planning a road trip at any time can be such a fun and exciting experience. But it’s fair to say that if you ready yourself …

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5 Ways To Be A Better Driver

be a better driver

Each time you hit the road in a car, you take your own life and that of your passengers in your hands. Driving is never …

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5 Tips To Curb The Fear Of Driving

There’s no denying that driving isn’t always an enjoyable pastime. In fact, many people are somewhat fearful of getting behind the wheel and dealing with …

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Pros And Cons Of A Long Commute

Unless you’re one of those lucky women who can work from home or lives within walking distance of her workplace, you likely spend a great …

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5 Reasons Some People Don’t Want To Drive

As we all know, transportation is a necessary part of our modern lives. However, more and more people find it challenging to get behind the …

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6 Tips To Keep You And Your Car Safe This Winter

keep you and your car safe this wonter

As winter is fast approaching, there are some things to do to prepare for it. Whether it’s keeping your home warm or looking after your …

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3 Ways To Pass Your DVLA Theory Test On The First Try

Are you in the process of psyching yourself up to take your DVLA theory test in the UK? Whether you’ve just moved to the UK and need to get your licence, or you’re a native who is ready to start the process, there is often that fear of failure. According to statistics, up to 25% of first-time test takers end up failing the theory test, which can feed into fear. Well, now is the time to push that fear aside, fight through it, build your confidence, and pass the test. Here are 3 ways to pass your DVLA theory test on the first try.

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