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5 Ways To Be A Better Driver

Each time you hit the road in a car, you basically take your own life and that of your passengers in your hands. Driving is never without risk, as it’s one of the most dangerous forms of transportation that you can take; however, it’s also one of the simplest and most popular. Additionally, it’s fairly simple to drive safely when you have quality driving skills, a good attitude, a calm mind, and confidence. Though it’s easier the longer you do it, it’s important to check your skills and driving ability all throughout your life. This includes teenagers all the way to seniors. This can be crucial, especially if you’ve experienced illness, vision changes, or other physical or mental disabilities. There are many things that will improve your driving ability, but you can pay attention to these basics to ensure your safety and confidence. 

Drive a Well-Maintained and Suitable Vehicle 

First things first, match yourself up with the most suitable vehicle for your needs and budget. Choose something that fits your body type and is manageable for your specific physical abilities. For example, if you have trouble seeing over your shoulder, consider a car that has a clearer line of vision, or one that has lane-changing assistance.

Do also take pride in your vehicle, as you’re more likely to protect and maintain something that you love. If you’re totally unsure about cars and their unique selling points, do your research before you shop or trade-in a current car. 

Anticipate the Actions of Others

More often than not, collisions and other scary scenarios happen due to drivers not paying attention to what is going on around them. Being distracted by what’s happening inside your car or on the side of the road can put you and others in serious danger. I experienced this firsthand when I was rear-ended by a man who just couldn’t stop texting on the highway…yeah, those drivers are all around us. My best advice to you is don’t be one of them. Don’t trust anyone, and always anticipate the actions of other drivers as well as what options you have all the time. 

Know What to Do In An Emergency

If ever you get into a scary situation or do fall victim to a collision on the road, it’s important to know how to handle things. I know it’s not easy, but it’s crucial to stay as calm as you can and make good driving decisions. For example, if you are on the highway and suddenly get cut off, know what options you have to safely maintain control of the vehicle. Can you go onto the shoulder, or choose another lane? Can you safely slow down and pull over if needed?

If you are involved in an actual accident, it’s also imperative to stay calm and first check yourself and others for injuries. Call for help as soon as you can and wait in the vehicle if it is safe to do so. I also recommend that you seek legal representation whether it was your fault or someone else’s. Having this kind of support will help you to be legally protected and even get irresponsible drivers off the road. For example, if a semi-truck caused a highway collision, obtaining a truck accident attorney might help you to get the compensation you deserve.

It’s not only about knowing what you need to do when it comes to emergencies; it’s also about how you prepare for all of these emergencies. You can expect most emergencies to happen on the road rather than at home. Bad weather is one of the biggest factors, whether it’s blizzards, freezing temperatures, floods, or even tornadoes. It’s vital to have an emergency kit in your car, things like a burner phone with an iot sim, water, blankets, food, and anything else you believe can help you during emergencies.

Pay Close Attention to Pedestrians, Cyclists, and Motorcycles

Not only is it important to be attentive to other drivers but also pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcycles. It’s far too common for pedestrians, especially children to step out into the road without checking left or right first. Furthermore, those who travel on bicycles and motorcycles can also be easily overlooked if you don’t make an effort to watch for them. Keeping your eyes firmly fixed on the road and sidewalks will allow you to spot potential danger, providing you with sufficient time to avoid a collision. 

Know Where You’re Going

Some of the risks and dangers of the road are unavoidable but most can be reduced or even removed by knowing where you’re going, what your limitations are, and focusing on driving. Fortunately, today’s technology allows us to easily stay on track when we are on the road. Finding locations, near or far, is safer when you don’t have to look for addresses, street signs, and landmarks. GPS can also alert you of accidents, delays, and weather updates. 

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