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Motorcycles VS The Bedroom

Protect yourself.

I’ve recently discovered the pleasure, and pain, of being a motorcycle passenger. With that came an education in the definition of ‘squid’ according to the book of Mark. No, not that book. I’m talking about the book of Mark Hardman, my life partner and fellow adventurist. According to him, a squid is a newbie who is also a poser. On the road a squid is the guy wearing flip-flops, hunched way down over his bike while driving 65 mph or the girl wearing a bikini. They think they look like a sexy pro, but really just look a bit silly, and risky, to the experienced rider.

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How to Pump Up your Sensual Theme Hotel Experience

When staying in a theme hotel you might consider bringing outfits for playing out your favorite roles. In Le Cave (see my previous article) we could have worn skins, comic book outfits, pirate clothing, or even spelunker outfits. Let your imagination go and get the most out of your experience. Even body painting would work if you want a real raw experience. Just make sure to remove the mess in the shower before hitting the whirlpool.

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Book Giveaways!

I'm excited to tell you we have a whole bunch of great books to give away for the Grand Relaunch Party on Saturday! If you are interested in winning a particular book(s), please say so in your entry comment; otherwise, you will be entered to win all of them whether you like it or not! The giveaway expires at 11:59 pm EST on Saturday February 9, 2013. Each comment you leave will give you one entry. If you really want to win, try getting some additional entries. They are as follows:

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Talking With Your Daughter About Sex (Not for the weak of heart.)

There are plenty of books out there that deal with how to tell your kids about sex, the dangers of promiscuity, how their bodies are changing, and protection. Talking with your daughter about the pleasures of sex is a whole other matter. How do we discuss the fact that it’s fun, adventurous, and meant to be shared? My goal here is to help you along, not to hand you a speech. I’ll cover some of the subjects you may not have even thought of as a teen but which our kids may be facing in school and on the internet.

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