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How to Pump Up your Sensual Theme Hotel Experience

Let your fantasies run wild. freedigitalphotos.net
Let your fantasies run wild.

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You followed my advice and booked a room at a theme hotel.  Now what?

Role Play For Sexy Fun

When staying in a theme hotel you might consider bringing outfits for playing out your favorite roles. In Le Cave (see my previous article) we could have worn skins, comic book outfits, pirate clothing, or even spelunker outfits. Let your imagination go and get the most out of your experience.  Even body painting would work if you want a real raw experience.  Just make sure to remove the mess in the shower before hitting the whirlpool.

The Sensual Hotel Kit

Enhance the atmosphere by bringing along a hotel kit. Pack candles, incense (good for masking cigarette smells), lighter, wine glasses (even if you are only going to drink water), sexy music cds, and whatever sex toys that float your boat.  Don’t forget textures too.  For Le Cave a fur skin throw would have completed upped the ‘rawr factor’.  Try to keep it in sync with the theme.  Lanterns would have been more in keeping with the theme of a ship room than simple candles.

Let Your Fingers Do The Talking

This is the perfect time to pump up the sensuality with massages. Start with a 10 minute clay cleanse. Shower off and move on to the massage. Make it special with scented oils. Don’t overdo the massage, the purpose is to arouse the partner, not put them to sleep. Tip: Call the hotel for extra towels before you start prepping for the massages.

In For The Long Haul:

Opt to stay secluded for the night. Order food in or bring your own. Most rooms have a fridge and microwave. Think stamina: protein, cheese, crackers, fruit, chocolate. Bananas, high in potassium, are particularly useful for men. Don’t forget breakfast if you want to prolong your fun the next morning.

Drinks Anyone?

Drinking has both it’s good and bad points.  For a theme hotel, where you are playing out fantasies, a couple of drinks can loosen up your inhibitions and allow you to fully immerse yourself in the roles.  On the down side some men will lose their erections while drinking and women usually take longer to orgasm when drinking.  If you have opted to go for something as wild as a bondage theme keep drinking to a minimum and make sure there are safe words.

What To Do IMG_1896If You’re Single:

Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat yourself. Bring along things that make you feel pampered. Your favorite treats and special clothing can go a long way towards raising those serotonin levels. Buy a new toy to play with, but bring along the ones that you know will hit the spot too. Pick up an erotic book or video to enhance the time.

Adapt the couple hints above just for you.  Chocolate dipped strawberries make you feel decadent?  Bring them along.  Don’t forget to create the atmosphere with candles and scents.

Bring a laptop to play sexy videos on. Porn not your thing but the scene with the clay in Ghost always gets you going?  Bring it!  This is all about your needs, desires, and fantasies.  This time is too important to have it ruined by the hotel not having internet or being unable to play dvds. Choose a room with a Jacuzzi and watch your sexy show from there. A word of caution: Don’t bring enough alcohol with you that you can get drunk. Jacuzzi alone with too much alcohol can be a deadly combination.

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