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Your Freedom From Ego And Fear…

I awakened the other morning and was confronted with an idea, a spark, a concept and really, an inner awakening. We, as humans, invest a large amount of time avoiding fear, requesting safety at every turn and ensuring we are stepping on sure footing. We make decisions not to go sky-diving or abseiling, horse-riding or snow-skiing because we have fears; fears of heights, fears of dark alleys, fears of creepy crawlies. My "awakening" came in the form of realizing that we sabotage ourselves every day, blindly allowing fear to invade and infiltrate our happiness and joy. You know why? Because we give permission for our ego to reign with the same fear we avoid in the physical world.

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Emotional Transactions That Bring Success

I just got a new dining table and chairs delivered this morning and, boy, I am relieved! Even though I knew the space that we have in our eat-in kitchen, I still had a concern that somehow it wouldn't fit or it would look too big. But it looks beautiful and fits perfectly! However, I remember several occasions when I purchased pieces of furniture on a whim because of a sale or chance meeting at a local yard sale and totally regretted it. They were either too big, too small, too dark, or just plain didn't work where I thought they would. So, you can understand when I say I was "relieved" this morning. This event really reminds me of how you feel when trying something new or meeting new people...a little nervous, a little scared and happy-excited all at the same time. These emotions are SO normal and even built in to help us make safe and clear decisions. So, feelings are meant to create a thought process that leads to a decision...

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Stalkers…Where You Least Expect

There isn't much anyone can say to comfort someone who is being stalked. Terror and the fear of the unknown dominate the thoughts of a woman who knows someone is there watching, waiting, and looking for an opportune time to pounce. The only real relief comes when the perpetrator is stopped by the law or other means. I've said all this to paint a picture of a problem that I believe is just as serious and causes similar negative actions. I'm talking about being stalked by your own self-doubt, fear, and negative beliefs. Please hear me out...

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