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A Quick Guide To Manifestation And The Law Of Attraction

If you’ve read the best-selling book, The Secret, you probably know what I’m talking about when I say “manifestation” and the “Law of Attraction”. However, …

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7 Simple Ways To Be Happier And Healthier

Finding happiness and staying healthy has many facets. First of all, you have a body, mind, and spirit to consider while trying to build a …

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3 Important Facts About Focus And Concentration

Focus and concentration go hand in hand. The moment you lose focus, concentration goes out the window, too. It doesn’t matter what you are doing …

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3 Solid Ways To Expand Your Mind

Whenever you expand your mind and open up to new opportunities, you are on your way to becoming an improved person. I'm not saying that something is wrong with you, me or the next woman. I'm saying that we all can grow, change, and develop as we see the need and have the desire. The fact is, when you improve your mind, you improve the world.

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Focus For Success

As we approach the end of the New You in 31 Days challenge and the 31 Day Blogging Challenge for me, I am overjoyed with my own personal results and sincerely hope you have enjoyed the content shared here this month. Today, is the perfect day to talk about some specific things to focus on while in the midst of a challenge or challenging situation: Focus for Success!

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