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7 Moves To Shake Things Up at Work

shake things up at work

Your days at work can become an all-too-familiar routine. Day in and day out, you seem to do the same thing, and it can get …

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4 Signs Of A Toxic Work Environment

It’s fair to assume that most business owners seek to provide a good environment for their staff, understanding that a positive workplace tends to result …

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3 Rewarding And Potentially Lucrative Traveling Careers

Each of us has our own career dreams and goals. And, though, traveling might not be everyone’s cup of tea, for some, it’s everything. They …

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 5 Secrets To Life-Fulfillment And Success During Adversity

We all know that life can be challenging at times. Though we can’t control some things, we can change how we react to adversity. And, …

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3 Ways To Develop Yourself For A More Fulfilling Life

Self-improvement is a tricky topic to discuss because, no matter how many gurus try to define it, it remains a subjective action. In other words, …

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3 Ways To Build A Strong Business Around A Product

If you’re in business, that means you have something to sell whether it be a service or a product. Because businesses reflect their owners, each …

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Life With A Twist

Ahhhhhh summertime! I just love ice clinking in a glass and then adding the lemonade. Wait. I am not done. I would also like a slice of lime, a slice of lemon, a cherry - stem on because it looks so much more decadent that way, and a sliced strawberry. Oh sure...add a slice of orange and some pineapple too. What do you mean, "That's not lemonade?" It is lemonade...with a twist.

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