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Is A Lack Of Self-Confidence Holding You Back?

Social situations and venturing into new territory with work or relationships is something we all face. And do you know what? It isn’t always easy, especially if you lack self-confidence. I've found that what really holds women back is the cross between owning their personal value and putting way too much emphasis on what others think of them. Gaining enough courage to meet new people or ask the boss for a raise takes time and you do have to try. That means being willing to risk rejection or getting results that are not ideal for you. This can be a trial and error process. BTW, I thought it would be fun to let some beautiful felines decorate today's pos

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Am I Dreaming Big Enough?

One thing we can likely all relate to is that our beliefs about what is possible (our dreams) get stuck sometimes. What do they get stuck in or on? Well, my beliefs about myself and my potential have been, at times, stuck in the worst quicksand-ish, mucky mud, stench-filled mind traps you could ever imagine. These prison-like places have kept me from dreaming big at times. How about you? This place I've described, though only a fictional scene to paint a picture, can be just as dangerous to your future as if you were actually waist deep in a bog. Our minds have the capacity to make things real...all things, serving and non-serving. That said, Don't you think if you expanded your mind a little where your dreams are concerned, you just might see some amazing things happen for real? I challenge you. I challenge me.

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How To Jumpstart Creativity

Being creative isn't something that anyone should take for granted. It's one of those if-you-don't-use-it-you'll-lose-it things. Well, sort of. You won't ever lose natural talents and gifts; those are there to stay. I'm talking about keeping up the momentum and desire to create. Avoiding diving into projects and hobbies, or even work-related creative efforts, can hinder positive emotions and self-growth, especially if you are what I call a "creative soul". Here's why:

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Why You Want Boredom…Sometimes

It occurred to me that boredom or the state of being bored is not such a bad thing. Yes, it's uncomfortable; it makes you feel useless; it creates a low-energy vibe; and it makes others think you are ungrateful. "Wow, Kellie, that doesn't sound like something I want in my life," you so forcefully say. Hold on there...I have a point.

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Getting from Point A to Point B

I figured out a long time ago that always keeping focused on upcoming events, goals, and pleasurable times is one way to stay motivated, to keep joy flowing like a mighty river. this discovery made me realize how important it is for women (including me) to find their life-passions, their purpose, and move forward accordingly.

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