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Getting from Point A to Point B

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Many of you may be preparing for Halloween festivities with your children or some other fun activity, depending on when you read this. As you do, consider why holidays such as Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s, and birthdays evoke such joy and anticipation and the hard work involved in getting ready for them.  I figured out a long time ago that focusing on upcoming events, goals, and pleasurable times is one way to stay motivated, to keep joy flowing like a mighty river.  This discovery made me realize how important it is for women (including me) to find their life-passions, their purpose, and move forward accordingly.  If you don’t have anything out there in front of you to “look forward” to or that will bring you joy when it’s accomplished, guess what?  You won’t move from point A to point B very easily or with a smile on your face.  No, you will fight it.  Hard.

Boredom is a Joy Thief

I hate being bored.  For me, it’s one of the most frustrating of all emotions. It kills my motivation, my drive, and all desire to move forward.  Here’s the thing about boredom though: It is really all in your head.  Literally.  The emotional state that occurs when you have nothing to do is a thought process.  It’s not something that someone else did to you; it’s not an illness; and it certainly is not a genetic trait.  It’s you and me believing that there is nothing in the present or future that will make us happy or fulfill us.  It’s a state of mind that if visited too often will zap every nugget of true joy we have.

The Motivating Factor

Now, back to those happy holidays and events…

We as moms, as women, will go to extreme to make our families happy on special occasions. Why?  Well, some may have different motivations, but my guess is that most of us get something out of it…a payoff.  Yes, ladies, we do.  We get satisfaction out of seeing them full of joy.  What if we could apply that same principle to all areas of our lives?  We can.  And my life is proof of it.

When I discovered what  I was truly meant to do (besides being a mom), everything changed. I have never worked so hard to see something come to pass as I have to fulfill my purpose, my life-dream.  I’ve always been a hard worker who goes above and beyond on jobs and projects, but eventually I always burned out or found my interest fading.  Not this time.  I’m committed because it’s my life, my authentic one that found ways to hide from me.  I won’t give up on my journey because I’m looking just far enough ahead to focus on what’s real and doable….it’s like decorating the house for the holidays one ornament, one strand of lights at a time.  Before you know it, you have it done!  The finished project is a beautiful sight!  What’s your motivation from point A to point B?

Be Beautiful-Be Creative-Be Happy!

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