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4 Keys To Cultivating Greater Health

It’s no secret that there are many ways to live in this world. And this fact is not better exemplified than in how many different …

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Wait For It

If you are like me, you tend to be anxious to get the end results of anything you do. Though there is nothing wrong with wanting to finish stuff, it can cause you to pull the proverbial trigger a little early sometimes. And when you're dealing with important decisions and the development of your dreams, it might serve in a greater way to wait for things to enter your life naturally, especially if you know you have intuitive gifts.

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I Is Also For Intuition

Intuition is really one of those concept words that could, depending on who you are, have multiple and various meanings. To me it is a compilation of signals from body, mind, and spirit that help direct my choices and actions. I consider myself intuitive and usually able to recognize my inner promptings. However, it takes practice and dedication to understanding yourself and your sensitivities. Allow me to define Intuition at its most basic meaning:

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