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I Is Also For Intuition

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Intuition is really one of those concept words that could, depending on who you are, have multiple and various meanings.  To me it is a compilation of signals from body, mind, and spirit that help direct my choices and actions.  I consider myself intuitive and usually able to recognize my inner promptings.  However, it takes practice and dedication to understanding yourself and your sensitivities.  Allow me to define Intuition at its most basic meaning:

Intuition: The ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. A thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning.

OK, so we know it’s a knowing of sort.  Where this intuition comes from is primarily up to the individual to decide.  I haven’t really seen this subject taught where a success journey is concerned.  That’s where I want to take you for this post.

How Is Intuition Important To the Fulfillment of My Dreams?

We’ve looked at Inspiration, Gratification, Notification, and, now, we are embarking on a brief look at a deeper sense that has everything to do with your succeeding at your most desired dreams.  You see, our inner beings are fast at work, connecting to spirit, the Divine, energy from all sources, to set you smack dab in the middle of your dream pool.  Sometimes we ignore this miraculous event because we are too busy trying to “make” things happen to listen and follow.  We also push aside those little inklings in fear that someone will think we’re crazy or somehow not serious about our lives.  No matter what the reason we fail to connect to our intuitive gifts, doing so can have devastating consequences, taking days, months, even years to undo.

Listening To Heart

We all have heart and soul, that which makes us who we are.  We also all have the ability to tap into those deeper parts.  It starts with a little self-forgiveness.  Before you truly begin a serious inquiry into your soul of souls, you must wipe your slate clean.  Remove from you heart all that does not serve you in this life…the past, trauma, pain, fear, lack, hate, distrust, self-doubt, and all that you have done to hurt others.  Let it all go.  The more you do this, the deeper the connection will be to your spirit and all that it needs to succeed.  Of course, the actual act of clearing will require some focus and time.  You won’t get away with that horrendous schedule you’ve been working for too long.  Set some time aside to meditate, pray, or just rest.  Open up to all of your senses.  How does your body feel?  Are you in pain anywhere?  What is your mind constantly drifting to?  Are you drawn to thinking about a person, place or object?  When you get some ideas, thoughts, inspirations, and intuitions, WRITE THEM DOWN!

Remember the road map we talked about in the first post…the inspiration road map to be exact?  Get that back out.  Add your intuitive promptings to this page(s)  By now, it should begin to look a little crowded and messy.  That just means your doing great!  If you are a structured woman, who can’t stand anything out of order, this chicken scratch road map might be harder for you.  Just do it how ever you need to.  Some or all of your writings may be extremely important to your success journey, keys to breaking through life-long barriers.

Intuition: A Life Resource

Just as you would consult a physician or health practitioner before changing your lifestyle drastically or a mechanic before you take off on a cross country road trip, you need to consult with yourself about your future.  That means decisions, moves, relationships, money, success steps, and basically all life choices should be run by your very own personal confidant…you.  Use this precious resource continually and see just how powerful it is.

It is also helpful to keep a journal of these intuitions for future use.  Create a section for your intuitive promptings and one for results and actions.  That way when you look back at the journal, you can see how much your listening paid off.  The more successes you have, the more you trust yourself.





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