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4 Ways To Move On From A Painful Past

It’s not uncommon to have trauma and pain from the past lurking around and causing problems in the present. Unfortunately, unresolved emotional baggage, fear, and …

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Is Numerology For Me?

While structured religious guidance can be a source for deeper spiritual grounding for many, there are other forms of practice that can bring helpful insight. …

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5 Fantastic Careers For Business-Minded Women

You’ve got your business degree, but now you can’t decide what jobs to apply for - every graduate’s worst nightmare. Don’t panic, the important thing is that you do your research on potential companies and try to match them with your unique skills, experience, and personality. This can take some time, but once you find your dream job, you’ll know that all the effort was worth it.

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The Empty Page

Today I drove down to Carter Dock. It is a lovely area that is like a lagoon. Half of the parking lot was covered in water. I parked and got my lawn chair out and strategically placed it at the water's edge. Then I sat down, planting my feet in ankle deep water on this warm and sunny, delightful day. As the water played with my ankles, I opened my book to a new page.

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