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My Path To Inspirational Women

While I have written about a lot of amazing women, most of whom have fought and won against some form of adversity or another in their lives and are now reaching for the stars, I have also found that people are asking how I find these people – and if I am practicing what I preach. In other words, am I a victim of bullying and how did I cope? So I thought that I’d make a slight detour here and tell you all about me!

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“Red Head Randy” Actress, Jackee Minelli, Overcomes Years of Bullying

THE AMAZING JACKEE MINELLI Here is a young lady who is inspiration personified.  Jackee Minelli is young but has been through a lot in her …

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Another Bullying Victim Fights Back

One of the very many things I like most about what I do – combining the stories of emerging showbiz talents (and some more experienced) with the fight against bullying – is hearing and learning about some of these people. What some of them have been through – bullying – and how they rise above it. They sing their wonderful talents to show the world that all their nightmares/tormenters have done is help bring them through – help make them who and what they are. Proving to other victims worldwide that they are certainly not alone and that they can be whatever they want – if they put their minds to it. No-one can stop you, not if you really want it.

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Catching Up With Meredith O’Connor

Hi everyone! Today I'd like to introduce a new contributor to our Expert Team. Lannah Sawers-Diggins is a journalist and photographer from Australia who will be gracing us with her new Column called Diggin' for Talent. Lannah is an expert at talent discovery and her efforts to educate the public about the damaging effects of bullying. She has brilliantly combined her talents and dedicated her writing to promoting artists who also advocate for the fight against bullying. So we were thrilled when her first submission was about our friend singer, songwriter, actress, model, Meredith O'Connor. This follow up article catches up with Meredith and talks about the exciting things she's been up to. Please welcome Lannah to our community and visit her website Bullseye and the Fight Against Bullying.

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Meet Singer Songwriter And Bullying Victim Advocate Meredith O’Connor

One of my passions has always been helping teens, especially girls who have been through rough childhoods, abuse, bullying, addictions, etc. So, when I was introduced to Meredith O'Connor, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to tell her story and bring it and her amazing musical talent to you. Meredith is a singer/songwriter based in Long Island, New York and a young woman who was bullied during her childhood and early teen years

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