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I Love My Head Even Though…

Sorry, Ladies; this is going to be short...no, I mean really short today. My head is currently experiencing one of the worst migraines that I've had for awhile. I've just never missed a Wellness Wednesday before, not willing to do it now.

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Stop and Smell the Roses…or the Eucalyptus

If you are a long time migraine sufferer like me, than you likely have written that eviction notice to your body’s penthouse occupant at least a dozen times…oh, but wait, we do need our brains, don’t we. You would be lying if you said that you had not considered a rash plucking of your swollen blood vessels that are encapsulated inside your head. That’s what I thought…

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Women’s Low Libido: Headaches and Chronic Pain

Since our focus this week is women's sexual health, I thought it necessary to bring up the fact that countless women deal with chronic low sex drive. Though we actually want to engage in sexual activities, sometimes the body just won't cooperate.

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Pain Blog Link

Hey, everyone, I'm linked over at How to Cope With Pain blog for their July Pain Carnival. Please pop on over to check out my article on women's migraine and also read some of the other wonderful posts listed there. Be well-be beautiful.

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Why Are So Many Women Getting Migraines?

As a Migraine sufferer, I've been asking this question for years. After experiencing countless medications, therapies, tests, hospitalizations, and supplements, I still don't claim to have the complete answer; I do have some interesting ideas to share with you though.

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