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4 Ways To Stay Positive And Balanced During Infertility

The path to motherhood is one that holds joy and excitement for most women. However, for some, it is marked with frustration and disappointment. According …

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Handling Unplanned Pregnancy During The Dating Period

You get the news: you are pregnant after dating someone for a month? It can happen, and it does, more than you probably know. "How did this happen," you painfully wonder. Well, obviously you took a chance and had sex without protection. Regardless of the reason behind your passion misstep, you need to make some decisions and make them fast. The question: how do you handle this situation with the guy you hardly know? Here is a quick overview of what you need to consider.

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Why I Stopped My 10 Year Old Daughter from Dieting: How to Raise Body Confident Girls, Part 1

Every mother wants her daughter to grow up feeling beautiful and confident, but babies don’t come with owner’s manuals and we can only teach our girls what we know ourselves.

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Dear Daughter

From the moment I knew you were inside my womb, I dreamed of how beautiful you would be, how smart, and how loving to the world around you. Your first cry marked the beginning of your incredible journey of life in a world that isn't always kind or loving back. So with the amazing joy I felt at that instant, a fear also gripped my heart. I was afraid of losing you. Every mother feels this bittersweet tug of war in her spirit. I also feared that I would somehow not be a good mother to you, that I would monumentally screw up your life in some obscure way.

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