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4 Ways To Stay Positive And Balanced During Infertility

The path to motherhood is one that holds joy and excitement for most women. However, for some, it is marked with frustration and disappointment. According to the World Health Organization, infertility affects approximately 49 million couples worldwide. Within this extraordinary number, there are a multitude of factors that have contributed to the inability to conceive. Many couples are left, wondering if they will ever make it through the maze to reach their ultimate goal. Though, I have never experienced infertility myself, my oldest daughter did. She had many emotional ups and downs along the way that challenged her and her husband. Though there is never a guarantee that you will conceive, the following 4 things should help you to stay positive and balanced during infertility.

Stay Positive And Balanced During Infertility #1: Make Positive Changes

Unless you have been told that there are definitive barriers between you and motherhood, keep hope alive by making positive changes. For instance, talk to your doctor and see what things might enhance your overall health (physical and mental). Managing your weight, getting regular exercise, cutting habits like smoking and caffeine consumption can all improve your chances to conceive. Also, consider the little changes in your lifestyle you could make to improve your outlook and mindset. Ask yourself how your relationship is doing at the present moment. Are there things that could improve there?

Stay Positive And Balanced During Infertility #2: Be Honest with Yourself

Stay realistic about the chances of any treatment paying off. While they can help, building up your hope too much can result in a greater disappointment later. It’s important to be honest about the ways that your treatments affect you. For instance, fertility drugs have been known to contribute to anxiety and mood symptoms, which might already be exacerbated by understandable stress. Be aware of any emotional changes and understand where they’re coming from. Ultimately, focus on taking care of yourself.

Stay Positive And Balanced During Infertility #3: Be Aware of Challenges

Walking on the infertility path is not all about hoping for the best, either. Some treatments require some serious practical consideration. For instance, how will you be paying for IVF treatment, considering many insurance companies don’t cover it.  Additionally, the treatment itself might alter your lifestyle in ways that are disruptive at best. Discuss how you’re going to face these challenges together. 

Stay Positive And Balanced During Infertility #4: Get Support

Stress, anxiety, depression, and other emotional issues are far from uncommon when dealing with infertility and treatments. Therapy, support groups, and meditation can help you deal with these setbacks in a healthful way. They can help you move forward from trauma like an unsuccessful treatment. Examining your emotional reactions and validating them helps to lessen life disruption. More often than not, simply finding a place to talk and seek perspective can make any challenge more bearable.

While there are no guarantees that this path will ultimately lead to conception, keeping a positive attitude and balanced life will help you more easily navigate hard times. Please share your tips and experience with infertility!

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