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3 Ways To Have Better Bedroom Conversations

The art of feeling safe and connecting more than physically in the bedroom takes practice and a certain amount of patience to master.  After all, …

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6 Keys To Finding That “Special Someone” Faster

Being open to and actually searching for true love isn’t always as easy as putting a personal profile on a popular dating site. I believe …

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5 Steps To Make Sex Safer And More Satisfying

In order to have an enjoyable, fulfilling, and safe sex life, it’s important to understand women’s sexual health. The primary topics to focus on are …

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4 Savvy Tips To Find Love In The Coming Year

With the rise of dating apps and the growth of social media, it has simultaneously become easier and harder to find love than ever before. …

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3 Pillars Of Strong Lasting Relationships

Relationships always need to operate on a two-way street, this goes without saying. Even in groups or families, it’s necessary to develop and maintain individual …

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4 Ways To Spend Quality Alone Time With Your Partner

Getting quality alone time with your partner can be challenging, especially if you have children. Yes, we parents said goodbye to spontaneous one-on-one adventures as soon as we left the delivery room. But, even childless couples can get into a pattern of neglecting the intimacy they once knew. No matter what the reason is for the neglect in this area, there are some solutions if you are willing to make some plans and stick to them. Try these 4 things out to spice things up and find that magical alone time you long for.

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