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3 Pillars Of Strong Lasting Relationships

Relationships always need to operate on a two-way street, this goes without saying. Even in groups or families, it’s necessary to develop and maintain individual connections in order to make the unit work. Additionally, each person is also responsible for their own happiness and fulfillment. Things start to break down as soon as these truths are ignored or violated. We all know that things don’t always go well in relationships, and this is normal. However, there are some things to understand and work on to create the connections you want. Here are some top pillars of strong, fulfilling relationships.

Pillar #1: Trust

Trust is a word that is thrown around far too casually in relationships. It’s not something that simply shows up the minute you decide you like someone or even love him or her for that matter. In fact, trusting someone too soon in a budding relationship is one culprit that can mess with your self-esteem, the relationship itself, and your future ideal of love.

Trust is extremely complex and is something that builds over time and much experience with another person. Yes, there are higher levels of trust that we develop for people who are the closest to us. These people are likely close family, friends, and long-term romantic partners. Even in these closely tied bonds, things can go wrong. People make mistakes, are reckless, or can let you down. However, the breaking of trust is also about your expectations. You have to consider whether that other person understood what was expected before they violated a trust. That goes both ways, too.

Pillar #2: Chemistry and Things in Common

Another term that is frequently placed in the relationship cycle is chemistry. The chemistry you feel initially is what you describe as a spark of attraction to another person. This can happen to lovers, friends, and even between family members. Yes, I believe it’s partially chemical but also has a lot to do with how you connect on an intellectual, spiritual, and emotional level.

Having amazing chemistry with another human being is one of the most fulfilling things we can experience in a relationship. It just plain feels good to know that someone gets you. This chemistry can help you to build a stronger bond through fulfilling experiences and emotional ties. That said, it’s important to pay attention to other things as well. Don’t rely on chemistry alone to carry you through a life-long relationship, but it does help.

Pillar #3: Keep Things Fresh and Exciting

Let’s talk about romantic relationships for a minute. This may be the most important type of bond to keep fresh and exciting. It’s human nature to want to create and feel entertained. Though it’s not the other person’s responsibility to thrill his or her partner, it helps to have both parties engaged and paying attention to feelings of boredom.

Many couples travel, share hobbies, or play around with sexual fantasies to spice things up. Trust me, it doesn’t hurt to experiment and discuss what could help in the bedroom. You can search online for some ideas and a lot of sexy nighties here. The main thing is to communicate your needs with each other when they come up and not wait until you feel totally unfulfilled.

Now, as far as friendships and family ties, you can also keep things active and creative. I find it necessary to do this with children especially. Their minds are always going and wondering what’s out in the world to see. Though you will have some special things you do all the time, try new activities and get out there to explore the world together.

Final Thoughts

No matter what type of relationship you are in, it takes some foundational principles to keep it alive and well. Trust, Chemistry, and Excitement are just 3 of these pillars. I recommend paying attention to how these things are going in all of your relationships. See if there are areas you could improve simply by being aware. Talk openly about how you’re feeling and, hopefully, he or she will partner with you to create a strong, fulfilling relationship that lasts a lifetime.

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